Apr 15, 2015 01:59 PM

Caixin Media Takes Legal Action against Libels by Guo Wengui

In responding to news stories that Caixin Media Co. published in the course of fulfilling its professional responsibilities, Guo Wengui, Beijing Pangu Investment Co. and Beijing Zenith Holdings Co. intentionally fabricated information and disseminated these fabrications through media outlets and over the Internet. His purpose was to undermine the professional credibility of Caixin Media and defame the character and reputation of Hu Shuli, its editor-in-chief. The means by which this attack was implemented were extremely sinister and the effects have been baneful.

Their actions have not only infringed upon the lawful rights of Caixin and Ms. Hu, but may also have involved the crimes of libel and damaging a business reputation.

In light of the fact that these actions took place on the mainland, in Hong Kong and in the United States, which fall in different legal jurisdictions, Caixin has hired lawyers in Beijing, Hong Kong and the United States to take legal action against Guo and the two companies.

Caixin Media reported the attacks to the police in Beijing immediately after they were discovered. It and Ms. Hu then filed a lawsuit in a court in Beijing against Guo and the two companies in the hopes of bringing them to justice under civil and criminal laws.

Caixin and Ms. Hu have also filed a lawsuit with the High Court of Hong Kong, requesting that Guo and the companies be required to compensate Caixin and Ms. Hu for the damage they caused through the fabrication and dissemination of untrue information and that they should stop spreading similar content themselves and through other parties.

Caixin retains the right to take legal action against parties at home and abroad that have contributed to the dissemination of untrue information. It has sent letters to the Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Apple Daily, and Beijing News requiring that they immediately stop spreading these fabrications. All of them have removed the content concerned from their websites. Other legal actions that Caixin has taken are still in process.

Legal Team, Caixin Media

April 14, 2015

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