UPI updates its official website and mobile app to optimize card-using services

The official website of UnionPay International (www.unionpayintl.com) and the Chinese and English versions of its mobile app have been updated, highlighting “functionality and accuracy.” Besides a global site in simplified Chinese and English, the official website also provides sub-sites in traditional Chinese, Korean and Russian. In the future, UnionPay International will create sub-sites in more languages and make full use of its official website, mobile website and mobile app to provide better services for UnionPay cardholders around the world.

The updated official website and app of UnionPay International made remarkable improvements in functionality, amount of information, visual effects and sub-site construction efficiency. It integrates the card-using tips and services guidance that are most often used by visitors. And the contents of sections of Global UnionPay Card, Services & Products, Merchants & Offers and Help Center are allocated more clearly, while contents on featured card products, privilege platform and UnionPay in social media are newly added.

UnionPay International analyzed the user data accumulated in the past three years and combined it with the reports of cooperating institutions to re-integrate information. Now, in the most used section of Global UnionPay Card, users may get card-using tips, merchant offers, recommended online merchants and local card application guides with just one click on the destination. The card-using tips of some popular tourist destinations also include travel tips about recommended business districts, restaurants, entertainment establishments and specialty shops.

With the popularization of mobile Internet and smartphones, meanwhile, an increasing number of Chinese tourists prefer to get travel tips and book accommodation and transportation via mobile apps. And the updated UnionPay International app is able to meet this need. For instance, the theme page of U Plan, the cross-border marketing platform launched by UnionPay International, is easily accessible on the home page. Cardholders may select merchants and download the coupons directly. The theme page of “Online Tax Refund” not only provides information about UnionPay tax refunds, but also enables cardholders who have shopped in Europe to apply for tax refunds online after returning to China, allowing cardholders to easily inquire about the tax refund process.

Additionally, the overseas cardholder group has gradually been formed as more than 70 million UnionPay cards have been issued overseas, and thus the demand for UnionPay cards using information is increased. The “website group” constructed by

UnionPay International serves as a subsidiary of China UnionPay, engaged in the operation of international business. Currently, the overseas acceptance network of UnionPay cards has extended to over 160 countries and regions, covering more than 20 million merchants and 1.3 million ATMs. Meanwhile, 40 overseas countries and regions have issued 70 million UnionPay cards, which have become the payment option for more and more overseas customers. To provide better service for customers in various countries and regions, UnionPay International will create sub-sites in Thai, Japanese, Kazak, and more.