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Air pollution continues to plague many of China's cities, bringing with it serious and costly health ailments. The government has responded with a variety of anti-smog measures, such as a ban on coal-toting trucks in highly polluting areas, restrictions on the number of cars that can be on roads and the shuttering of some factories not meeting environmental standards.

09 25, 2020 20:24 PM

Wang Tao: China’s Next Five-Year Plan to Prioritize Technology, Innovation

In light of decoupling pressures and tech restrictions, China may allocate more resources to fundamental research and technology bottlenecks

09 24, 2020 20:19 PM

China Should Slash Raw Coal Usage by 150 Million Tons, New Report Says

Country urged to dramatically cut the burning of lumps of black coal by businesses and homes over the next five years to improve air quality, protect environment

09 21, 2020 19:20 PM

New Guidelines Outline How Governments, Prosecutors Should Work Together to Take Polluters to Task

Procuratorates should provide legal support, while governments can offer evidence in criminal cases

09 18, 2020 05:07 AM

China Shouldn’t Set Timeline for Ditching Conventional Vehicles, Experts Say

Advisers developing transportation industry blueprint argue a diversified fleet will better serve China’s complex needs than mandating switch to electric vehicles too soon

09 09, 2020 20:14 PM

In Depth: Is Strict Local Enforcement of Environmental Rules Causing Safety Risks?

A steel plant executive in northern China says he was detained for refusing to follow an order that he believed put the plant at risk

07 30, 2020 17:52 PM

Loose Shipping Pollution Rules Leading to Smog Spikes, Environmentalists Say

Stringent rules needed as more than 70% of river and coastal vessels are underequiped to control for release of harmful compounds into China’s smog-heavy air

07 15, 2020 18:39 PM

New Emissions Standards Power Boom in Truck Sales

China’s commercial vehicle sales rose more than 60% in June ahead of tougher new rules set to take effect next year

07 01, 2020 19:52 PM

You Won’t Be Able to Buy a Gas-Guzzler in China After 2050, Think Tank Predicts

Domestic manufacturers will stop making internal combustion engine vehicles by the half-century mark, according to the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation

06 23, 2020 13:35 PM

China Gives Thumbs Up to Hybrids With New Green-Car Category

Toyota and Honda to benefit from policy shift

06 15, 2020 19:46 PM

Truck, Workshop Explosions Kill 20, Injure 172

Company that owned the vehicle had a track record of safety violations

06 05, 2020 18:33 PM

Opinion: ‘Two Sessions’ Didn’t Mark a U-turn in China’s Green Economy Push

China would be wise to team up with Germany in global “green leadership”

06 04, 2020 13:54 PM

Caixin Insight: New Infrastructure and Old Street Stalls

Hainan free trade zone; Caixin economic indexes; new infrastructure; street-stall economy; moderate prosperity

05 27, 2020 19:48 PM

Carmakers Propose Government Do More to Support Carmakers

Executives attending the annual meeting of the country’s top legislature suggest Beijing rollout tax cuts, loosen restrictions on purchases, offer local authorities a slice of car purchase tax

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