May 24, 2018 07:34 PM

FINWEX formally unveils the blockchain eco-integration platform

On May 21, the new fintech brand FINWEX was formally announced at the FINWISE Summit in Tokyo. The new company was unveiled by Riconi You, executive chairman and founder CEO of FINWEX; Dr. Johnny Ng, chairman of Goldford Group, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and chief participant in the Hong Kong United Youth Association; and Allen Lau, managing director of Colony Capital and founder CEO of WE+cowork.


The core team of FINWEX consists of experienced experts from diversified backgrounds that include banking, blockchain, consulting, ratings and internet companies. FINWEX is committed to becoming one of the world’s leading fintech consulting companies and think tanks. Its business includes FINWISE, a series of world-class fintech summits; FINWEX Institute, a blockchain think tank with services such as blockchain ratings, index tracking, consulting and training; and FINWEX Labs, a project incubator. All have the ultimate goal of promoting blockchain evolution around the globe.


Mr. Riconi You, executive chairman of FINWISE, and founder and CEO of FINWEX, stated: “As the industry’s prestigious financial technology conference, the FINWISE Summit has witnessed rapid developments of blockchain in the past year. We have successfully made event tours to Shanghai, Macau and Tokyo. Coming up are more and higher-level summits that will take place in global innovation centers such as Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Dubai and Bangkok. At the same time, we hope that by founding FINWEX, we will help promote blockchain more extensively and more globally. FINWEX plans to launch the FINWEX Index and FINWEX Ratings as blockchain services in the second quarter of the year.”

FINWEX Institute is a financial science and technology think tank built on the platforms of FINWEX. It brings together global experts and researchers, starts with blockchain technology at the core and expands to a wider area of fintech fields such as artificial intelligence, cloud technology and big data. Dr. Johnny Ng, chairman of Goldford Group, member of the National Committee of the CPPCC, and chief participant in the Hong Kong United Youth Association, stated, “FINWEX is committed to sharing the latest cutting-edge technical knowledge and raising the academic level of practitioners across the industry. With all its think tank resources and its professional investment research team, FINWEX is well-poised to be the voice from China in the new digital era and become a world-class fintech company.”

FINWEX Labs is committed to building a one-stop blockchain incubation and eco-integration platform. At today’s summit, FINWEX Labs also announced a formal investment by WE+cowork, one of the leading coworking space operators in China, and will be listed at WE+ in 20 cities around the globe. This makes a milestone of their strategic alliance in blockchain incubation. Currently, WE+cowork covers nearly 20 Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and also operates in San Francisco, Helsinki and Melbourne. It is the first Chinese coworking-space company to go international. Mr. Allen Lau, managing director of Colony Capital, and founder and CEO of WE+cowork, said, “Blockchain technology is the inevitable trend. I am very pleased that WE+cowork will join forces with FINWEX Labs to incubate and promote application of blockchain technologies. We will be setting standards in the blockchain industry in terms of serving real businesses in faster and better ways.”


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