China-U.S. Rivalry

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China and the United States, the world's two largest economies, have been engaging in a tense competition for geopolitical, economic and tech supremacy.

Wang Jisi: How China and the U.S. Can Prevent Further Damage From Their Mutual Distrust

For talk to bear fruit, it is essential that both sides first work harder to understand each other’s mindset

05 07, 2021 07:57 AM

Analysis: Why Alibaba Retreated From New Property Venture

Mounting pressure from China’s stepped-up antitrust enforcement prompted early exit from Tmall Haofang, which was stuck on square one

05 07, 2021 07:43 AM

Chinese Electric-Car Maker Nio Eyes Europe With Norway Foray

Nordic nation was the first where EVs outsold conventional cars, but CEO William Li acknowledges the competition will be tougher

05 06, 2021 20:10 PM

Tighter Regulation Urged for How Businesses Use China’s Satellite Positioning System

Market is ‘intermingled with good and bad companies,’ senior BeiDou engineer says

05 06, 2021 19:46 PM

China’s Most Popular Podcast Platform Files for U.S. Listing

Tencent-backed Ximalaya bets investors will buy into growth story despite string of losses

05 06, 2021 16:39 PM

Opinion: How to Get Asian Consumers Buying Again Post-Pandemic

Governments should expand social protections and financial inclusion to nudge the bounce-back along

05 06, 2021 15:11 PM

Biden Trade Chief Pledges to Build Off Trump’s China Agreement

Removal of tariffs will depend on the outcome of upcoming talks with Chinese officials, Katherine Tai says

05 06, 2021 13:04 PM

Asian Companies Accelerate Shift to Bitcoin as Price Surges

South Korean gaming giant Nexon buys $100 million in bitcoin, following Tesla

05 06, 2021 07:37 AM

Commodities Jump to Highest Since 2011 on Rebound From Virus

Rising prices of metals, energy and food spur inflation fears and reflect recovering global economies

05 05, 2021 13:49 PM

Opinion: China’s Importance to Multinationals Means They Must Approach It With Greater Nuance

The vast upside on offer comes with significant downside risks that must be carefully navigated

05 05, 2021 03:39 AM

DCP Ropes In 51job Co-Founder, Ocean Link for $5.3 Billion Buyout

Chinese buyout company and partners revise September takeover offer for U.S.-listed provider of HR services in China

05 04, 2021 16:15 PM

Fidelity Slashes Ant Group Valuation After China’s Tech Crackdown

Boston-based money manager lowered fintech giant’s estimated value to about $144 billion at the end of February from $295 billion in August

05 04, 2021 14:54 PM

Hong Kong’s Strong Growth Masks Uneven Recovery

After declining for a record six straight quarters, the region’s GDP surged 7.8% from a year earlier

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