Feb 22, 2021


Dear Caixin readers,

You may have noticed in the past year, we have produced more in-depth and exclusive content, launched new content such as Quick Takes and Trending in China, and experimented with new forms of content such as Caixin webinars and livestreaming, among many others. We have invested more time and energy into bringing our readers what they want and we continue to pivot along the way.

We have added more exciting premium content for our paid subscribers. Below are a few we have already rolled out, and more will come!
  • Caixin Explains: covering hot topics of significance in economics, finance and China’s business world.
  • Reg Watch: policy interpretation including background, potential impact, context, timelines and expert views.
  • A-Share Database: provide quotes for China stocks, ETFs and indices, in-depth analysis and Caixin insights about the A-share market.
  • Subscriber Event — China Chat: facilitating discussions on China’s economic, tech and industry trends.

Visit our subscription page for more here. Stay tuned, and we look forward to serving you with more high-quality content and appreciate your support!

Caixin Global

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