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Weekly Must-Read: What China’s New Investment Rules Mean for Foreign Investors

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# Finance #

Caixin Explains: What China’s New Investment Rules Mean for Foreign Investors

Companies in businesses that are closed to foreign investment will be allowed to sell shares abroad as long as they win approval and cap foreign ownership

China Says Complying VIE Companies Can List Overseas

CSRC issues new rules for domestic companies' overseas listings; regulator stops short of feared VIE ban

Caixin Explains: What China’s New Payment Rules Mean for Alipay, WeChat Pay

Regulations set to take effect March 1 aim to get small businesses to stop taking customer payments through barcodes generated by personal accounts on platforms like Alipay and WeChat Pay

# Cover Story #

Chinese Livestreamers’ Tax Evasion Calls for Systematic Tax Reform

Livestreamers rush to pay back taxes after authorities impose big fine on Weiya for tax evasion; experts urge overhaul to clarify individual vs. business income in new online economy

# Business #

Tencent to Hand $16 Billion Stake in to Its Shareholders

The internet giant will no longer be the e-commerce company’s biggest shareholder

Year in Review: The Regulatory Storm That Targeted China Tech

For Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, 2021 will be remembered as a year where regulators put the tech sector in its crosshairs for a litany of violations and implemented tough new rules

# Economy #

Analysis: What to Expect of China’s Economy in 2022

The word ‘stability’ was mentioned 25 times in the Central Economic Work Conference readout. Here’s a breakdown of what this means

# Opinion #

How China’s Local Governments Can Cut Their Debts

Reducing debt starts with curbing unnecessary infrastructure expansion and improving investment efficiency

How China Can Turn the Yuan Into a Global Reserve Currency

Mainland policymakers should consider transforming Hong Kong into a center for keeping Chinese investors’ international securities holdings safe

# Tech #

Alibaba Cloud Says It Didn’t Know Severity of Bug That It Failed to Immediately Report to Regulators

Company’s admission follows MIIT rebuke, as well as praise from the cybersecurity industry for uncovering one of the more serious software vulnerabilities found in recent years

# Gallery #

Cold Front Blankets North China in Snow

# Weekend Long Read #

The Stubborn Urban-Rural Divide of ‘Leftover’ Men and Women

The contrasting gender imbalance in cities and the countryside follows the logic of economics. It will be difficult to change it by decree

# Podcast #

What’s Bugging Alibaba?

Tech giant’s cloud unit admits to not immediately reporting flaw to regulators; Beijing says complying VIE firms can list abroad; and China gives a boost to after-school exercise classes

Year in Review: How Evergrande Shook China’s Real Estate Sector to Its Core

The property developer’s struggles to pay its creditors has made it a poster child for an industrywide debt crisis that seriously threatens efforts to bolster slowing economic growth. Read More

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