Dec 30, 2022 11:16 AM

Weekly Must-Read: After China’s Covid U-Turn, A ‘Tsunami’ of Infected Strip Bare Pharmacy Shelves

Shelves in pharmacies across China quickly emptied as people scrambled to stock up medicines.
Shelves in pharmacies across China quickly emptied as people scrambled to stock up medicines.

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# Cover Story #

After China’s Covid U-Turn, A ‘Tsunami’ of Infected Strip Bare Pharmacy Shelves

The wave of infections raging across the country has led to a rush on common drugs such as ibuprofen, but supplies remain scant, at least for now

# Finance #

Five Things to Know About Lifting the Ban on Chinese Developers’ Share Sales

Top securities regulator has offered a range of options for cash-strapped property companies to raise money

Evergrande Reports Narrowing Differences in Debt Restructuring Talks

Debt-laden property giant says negotiations with creditors continue almost a half-year after missed deadline for a deal

# Business #

Flight Booking Sites Swamped With End of Travel Restrictions on the Horizon

Searches for overseas tickets jumped tenfold on after announcement that quarantine and PCR test requirements will be dropped for inbound flights from Jan. 8

# Economy #

China’s Economy Won’t Get Back to Normal Until ‘Wartime’ Covid Controls End, Expert Says

Liu Shouying says urgent shift away from the system used to combat the pandemic is needed, otherwise the economy will continue to struggle

# China #

In Depth: Why China’s Social Relief Efforts Have Fallen Short

Experts say it is necessary to redefine the scope, methods and standards for the drafting of legislation to meet diverse community needs

China’s Provinces Send Already Stretched Medical Personnel to Beijing to Battle Covid Peak

Local health officials told Caixin they too are operating at their limits as virus spreads like wildfire across the country

China Ends Quarantine Requirement for Inbound Travelers Despite Surge in Covid-19 Cases

The National Health Commission says it will lift restrictions for international travelers on Jan. 8

# World #

In Depth: Historic Middle East Summits Cap Xi’s Year-End Diplomatic Push

During a four-day visit to Saudi Arabia, the Chinese president held bilateral meetings with nearly 20 Arab leaders, the highest level diplomatic engagement in the region since founding of the PRC

# Gallery #

Gallery: The Most Influential People of 2022


# Weekend Long Read #

How the Key to Cutting-Edge Chips Came Out of the Netherlands, and Not China

Dutch firm ASML’s three-decade quest to dominate the high-end lithography machine industry isn’t something Beijing can replicate anytime soon

# Podcast #

China Green Finance with a Cup of Tea Episode 5: China’s Green Equity Market

Caixin Global invited Mr. Ravi Chidambaram, President and Co-Founder of TC Capital, to share his insights on what international investors should know about China's green equity market.

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