In Depth: Why Medical Students in China are Faking Their Way to a Doctor’s License

As physicians-to-be struggle to find the hands-on experience required to take the licensing exam, they are turning to agencies that provide forged qualifications

In Depth: What’s Worrying Regulators About China’s Mutual Fund Boom

While both fund managers and distributors make more money from the expansion, it’s the latter that are getting the bigger slice of the pie

Real Estate Slump Pushes China Baowu Steel to Speed Up Overseas Expansion

The state-owned steelmaker plans to kick off construction of multiple projects, after the domestic industry was hobbled by the sharp decline in property construction last year

China’s Luxury Market Contracts for First Time in Five Years

Slowing economy and “zero Covid” sapped 2022 demand for travel and consumption, but Bain & Co. sees rebound this year

Baidu Talks Up ERNIE as China’s Answer to ChatGPT

Shares in the search giant and AI developer surged in Hong Kong after the company announced the launch of its own chatbot next month

China Stories: How Beijing’s Health Care System Battled Covid as Cases Peaked
Feb 07, 2023 12:29 PM

NFTs, Metaverse Get Digital Cold Shoulder in Beijing

The city’s market regulator has warned local residents to steer clear of investments using two of the latest tech buzzwords   

Feb 08, 2023 08:33 PM

Gallery: A Feast of Folk Performances

Over 1,000 folk artists from across China gathered in a small village in the country’s central Henan province to participate in the Majie folk art fair, which resumed in-person activities Friday after a three-year suspension due to the pandemic. With a history of over 700 years, the fair features a variety of performances, including storytelling, ballad singing, crosstalk and traditional opera. It’s held every 13th day of the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar

Feb 08, 2023 08:08 PM

WM Motor Dealers Are Turning Out the Lights

A number of sellers of the startup’s electric vehicles have halted operations, with the company blaming supply chain disruptions

Feb 08, 2023 07:44 PM

China to Send $6 Million in Emergency Aid to Quake-Hit Turkey

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Monday near the country’s southern border with Syria, killing at least 7,000 people

Feb 08, 2023 06:57 PM

Gallery: Rescuers Race to Save Quake Survivors

Back-to-back earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have left more than 8,700 people dead and tens of thousands injured as of Wednesday afternoon. An enormous rescue effort is underway following Monday’s disaster, with countries and organizations around the world dispatching personnel to help. A group of rescuers from China arrived in Turkey early Wednesday morning to provide relief in the quake-stricken areas

Feb 08, 2023 06:54 PM

Beijing Tells Taipei That Mainland Is Ready to Resume Cross-Strait Flights

he Chinese mainland has contained its Covid outbreak, and Taiwan should stop using the pandemic as an excuse to delay the resumption, official says

Feb 08, 2023 06:29 PM

U.S.-China Goods Trade Hits Record Even as Political Split Widens

Total merchandise trade between the two countries rose to $690.6 billion last year, exceeding the record set in 2018, according to data

Feb 08, 2023 05:30 PM

Tencent Co-Founder Joins Funding for Chinese Air Taxi Startup

Electric aircraft venture TCab Tech raised $15 million as it works on a prototype air taxi

Feb 08, 2023 03:10 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Fell 0.49% on Wednesday

Shenzhen Component Index closed down 0.62%

Feb 08, 2023 03:03 PM

Looking for Love in China? Get Into Esports

China has seen a steep decline in the number of young people willing to get married in recent years, but one surprising group is bucking the trend

Feb 08, 2023 12:35 PM

CX Daily: What’s Worrying Regulators About China’s Mutual Fund Boom

China calls the balloon incident “a test” for the U.S. to improve relations

Feb 08, 2023 09:39 AM

China Speeds Up Approval of Wholly Foreign-Owned Fund Managers

With Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan rulings, authorities have cleared four such ventures already this year compared with just one last year

Feb 08, 2023 03:45 AM

Senators Press Zuckerberg Over Risks From China Developers

Facebook knew in 2018 that developers in ‘high risk’ countries including China, Russia and North Korea had access to sensitive user data, senators write in letter to CEO

Feb 08, 2023 03:16 AM

Hong Kong Could Surpass Singapore With Borders Now Open

Five ways the city could reclaim its crown as Asia’s top finance hub, leveraging advantages in the stock market and dollar bonds, plus the China factor

Feb 08, 2023 03:10 AM

China Stock Exchanges Appoint IPO Review Committees to Clean Up Listings

Nation’s two largest bourses Shanghai and Shenzhen each name 30 people including CSRC officials as ‘gatekeepers’ of new issues and M&A

Feb 07, 2023 08:43 PM
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