UnionPay mobile QuickPass QR Code Payment Landed in Hong Kong and Singapore

After UnionPay mobile QuickPass QR code payment was launched on May 27 in mainland China, UnionPay International announced it was extending this service to Hong Kong and Singapore. The first merchants providing this new service are three stores of Colourmix at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong and two stores of BreadTalk in VivoCity and Marina Bay Financial Centre, Singapore. Next, UnionPay mobile QuickPass QR code payment will be introduced in the travel destinations favored by Chinese tourists, including Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

UnionPay mobile QuickPass supports NFC contactless payment with UnionPay chip cards, smartphones and wearable devices. Outside mainland China, mobile QuickPass is now accepted at about 500,000 POS terminals across Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Russia, the UAE, etc. Customers can pay easily by tapping mobile phones. With the continuous enrichment of mobile QuickPass product portfolio, the newly launched QR code payment is a significant supplement to NFC payment, offering more innovative payment options for customers with diverse payment habits.

“We are accelerating the rollout of various mobile QuickPass products and services outside mainland China so that we can bring faster, more convenient and secure payment options for our customers,” Cai Jianbo, CEO of UnionPay International said. “We choose to launch UnionPay QR code payment first in daily spend merchants to meet the diverse tourist payment needs resulting from the Chinese tourists’ preference shift from group tours to free-and-independent traveling. It also lays a solid foundation for localizing and transforming our business overseas. I believe that in the near future, customers outside mainland China will also be able to enjoy this safer and easier QR code payment service.”

Now, the service launched at the above mentioned merchants in Hong Kong and Singapore is Consumer Presented QR Code. Mainland cardholders can add their UnionPay cards to the updated version of the “UnionPay Wallet” APP, press “Payment Code” and choose “Overseas Payment Code” to generate a QR code, and then have it scanned by the cashier to complete payment. In addition, merchants in Hong Kong support the combination of payment code and e-coupon code. In other words, customers using the UnionPay cross-border marketing platform, u•plan, can get an exclusive e-coupon code from the u•plan zone in the “UnionPay Wallet” APP, and have it scanned by the merchant. Hence, customers can enjoy discount while making payments. Next, the app of domestic commercial banks will also provide a UnionPay QR code that can be accepted at overseas merchants.

Compared with other QR code payment products, UnionPay mobile QuickPass QR code has three major features: First, it has global inter-operability, and there are already more than 40 commercial banks in mainland China that support mobile QuickPass QR code payment while millions of merchants accept it. Second, this payment mode provides greater safety for UnionPay cardholders as it uses the tokenization technology to enhance transaction security. Third, it provides comprehensive service including risk compensation mechanism which ensures easy payment.

To celebrate this launch, merchants in Hong Kong and Singapore provide exclusive offers for UnionPay cardholders. From now to August 31, UnionPay cardholders enjoy “Buy-one-get-one-free” privilege at BreadTalk in Singapore when buying kaya.