Jan 23, 2017 04:57 PM

Caixin Media Expands its Global Presence with New English-Language Platform

Caixin Media has expanded its global reach with the launch of its new English-language platform on January 18th, Caixin Breakfast Meeting Davos 2017 at Davos, Switzerland. Caixin - China Economics & Finance was China’s only magazine to be shown at the main venue on the opening day of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017.

The English-language platform currently composed of the newly launched English-language app, the upgraded English-language website and a range of customized information products under the banner of Caixin Global Intelligence. Through this range of services, Caixin’s English-language platform not only provides a deeper understanding of China – delivering high-quality and original reports on financial news, business news, and current affairs from an objective and professional perspective to audiences in political, financial, business and academic circles – but also offers a range of customized information products helping readers to better understand specific niche markets within China’s economy.

“Caixin has long been an independent voice from China. Our contribution to China’s unprecedented global responsibility is to provide accurate and credible information to the world,” said Hu Shuli, editor-in-chief of Caixin Media. “But Caixin today is more than news. It has a think tank, a data company, investable indices, and research firms, all of which will eventually be reflected in the English platform we launch today.”

With the English-language app, the upgraded English-language website, the customized English-language financial industry analysis reports and other future English-language information products, Caixin’s English-language platform will better serve overseas readers’ needs for different levels of financial information in China.

 About Caixin Media 

Caixin Media Company Limited is a media group dedicated to providing financial and business news through online content, mobile apps, periodicals, conferences, books and TV/video programs. Caixin Media aims to blaze a trail that will help traditional media prosper in the new media age through integrated multimedia platforms.

Led by Hu Shuli, who is internationally recognized for her achievements in journalism, the editorial staff members at Caixin Media are recognized for their independent thinking and professional practices. They are insiders with a profound understanding of China's economic and social transition and sharp observers, with a global vision. They are the torchbearers of professional journalism, known for providing high-quality and credible content.


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