Reassuring Words From Beijing Power Monday Stock Surge
Shanghai Composite Index jumps nearly 7% in two days as rally continues
Wealth Managers Curb China Travel After UBS Banker Detained
Swiss banking giant has asked some bankers not to travel to China after incident
Photos: Derailed Train Kills 18 in Taiwan
Authorities still investigating cause of crash that left 187 injured
Egypt Considers Selling First Yen, Yuan Bonds in Early 2019
Move would come as part of efforts to diversify funding sources and boost foreign inflows
  • Stocks Start Week Strong
  • Travel Platform Has Plagiarism Problem: Report
  • Shenzhen-Based ChiNext Closes Up 3.72% at 1249.89
  • Shanghai Composite Index Closes Up 2.58% at 2550.47
  • Shenzhen Component Index Closes Up 2.79% at 7387.74
  • Former Top Internet Censor Admits to Corruption
  • China’s Economy Grows Slowest Since 2009 Financial Crisis
  • China Infrastructure Investment Growth Hits Record Low of 3.3% Year-on-Year in First Nine Months: Government
  • September Retail Sales Grow 9.2% Year-on-Year: Government
  • September Industrial Output Rises 5.8% Year-on-Year, Lowest in Over Two Years: Government
  • Fixed-Asset Investment Grows 5.4% Year-on-Year in First Three Quarters of 2018: Government
  • China's Year-on-Year GDP Growth Decelerates to 6.5% in Q3, Lowest Since Q1 2009
  • Shanghai Composite Index Opens Down 1.06% at 2460.08
  • Shenzhen Component Index Opens Down 1.26% at 7097.04
  • Shenzhen-Based ChiNext Opens Down 1.54% at 1186.49
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