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Air pollution continues to plague many of China's cities, bringing with it serious and costly health ailments. The government has responded with a variety of anti-smog measures, such as a ban on coal-toting trucks in highly polluting areas, restrictions on the number of cars that can be on roads and the shuttering of some factories not meeting environmental standards.

10 18, 2022 19:23 PM

Wang Tao: Seven Takeaways from the 20th Party Congress Report

The much-anticipated 20th Congress of the Communist Party set the tone for the coming years, with a focus on the long term, greater emphasis on security and ‘green’ and ‘high quality’ development still top priorities

10 04, 2022 16:39 PM

In Depth: China’s Relocated Chemical Plants Bring Pollution Problems With Them

Residents in the country’s central, western and northeastern regions say they have developed health problems from toxic fumes being emitted from facilities that used to operate in more prosperous coastal areas

09 24, 2022 10:00 AM

Weekend Long Read: How ADB Engaged With AIIB

Takehiko Nakao, the former chief of the development bank, recalls the early days of its China-backed peer, how they worked together and the differences in their rationale

09 17, 2022 10:00 AM

Weekend Long Read: Why China Still Needs the Asian Development Bank

Although the country no longer lacks money, it can still make use of development support, mainly in the form of strengthening its institutional capacity

09 06, 2022 15:50 PM

Indonesia Paves Way to Becoming a Global EV Hub, but Challenges Persist

The Southeast Asian country is home to 22% of global nickel reserves, the key component of lithium-ion batteries that power electric vehicles

07 21, 2022 20:53 PM

Analysis: To Keep Risks at Bay, China, U.S. Resort to Frequent High-Profile Dialogues

Since early June, there have been six meetings of senior officials, showing willingness to rebuild lines of communication and manage frosty bilateral ties

07 21, 2022 19:40 PM

In Depth: How Saving Poyang Lake Will Alter a Complex Ecosystem

Structure to keep water from draining into the Yangtze River during the winter would affect 1 million migratory birds, endangered finless dolphins, fish and plant life

06 24, 2022 18:57 PM

China Green Bulletin: Top Climate Envoy Xie Zhenhua Talks About How to Best Meet Commitments

China summons Sinopec after two fatal accidents, and electric car exports more than double — mostly to Europe

05 24, 2022 13:13 PM

China’s Economic Recovery Faces New Hurdle in Rising Power Costs

Two of the country’s largest provinces are raising electricity prices for factories amid increased environmental scrutiny and higher fuel expenses

05 10, 2022 19:57 PM

China’s Capital Wants a Bigger Share of NEVs on Its Roads

Beijing plans for the local purchase quota for new-energy vehicles to account for a greater share of the city’s total by 2025

05 10, 2022 05:08 AM

China’s Green Belt and Road Push Leaves Plenty of Grey Areas

Initiative lacks strict regulations and mechanisms to ensure that it helps address climate change rather than exacerbating it

04 21, 2022 20:09 PM

In Depth: How Kazakhstan Distances Itself From Russia to Pursue Domestic Reforms

The Central Asia nation is attempting a geopolitical balancing act amid the war in Ukraine as it moves ahead with political reforms that include limits on presidential power

01 26, 2022 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Rose 0.66% on Wednesday

Shenzhen Component Index closed up 0.7%

01 26, 2022 09:03 AM

CX Daily: Major Evergrande Creditor Faces Wave of Bad Loans

Most Chinese provinces lower their GDP growth targets for 2022. A former senior banking regulator is expelled from the Communist Party for bribery

01 25, 2022 20:54 PM

China’s Environmental Watchdog Tells Local Authorities to Ensure Clear Skies During Winter Olympics

Proposed measures including curtailing operations of polluting companies and movement of vehicles to avert air pollution

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