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Air pollution continues to plague many of China's cities, bringing with it serious and costly health ailments. The government has responded with a variety of anti-smog measures, such as a ban on coal-toting trucks in highly polluting areas, restrictions on the number of cars that can be on roads and the shuttering of some factories not meeting environmental standards.

05 20, 2020 20:08 PM

Global Carbon Emissions Fell 17% on Average During Shutdowns, Paper Finds

Countries around the world saw daily CO2 emissions drop between 11% and 26%, with China’s falling the most in absolute terms

05 18, 2020 21:05 PM

China Business Digest: Wuhan Ramps Up Testing, Sluggish Property Market Stirs Back to Life

Over 8,000 quarantined in Northeast China, where city of Jilin has removed six officials

05 18, 2020 20:20 PM

Post-Covid Industrial Rebound Worsens China’s Smog Problem

Emissions responsible for first year-on-year increase in air pollutants since coronavirus crisis began, report says

05 11, 2020 20:43 PM

Automakers Call for Stimulus as Industry Navigates Coronavirus Carnage

China’s already sputtering car manufacturing sector was among the industries hardest hit by Covid-19

05 07, 2020 14:26 PM

China Is Virtually Alone in Backing Coal in Africa

Chinese companies and banks are involved in financing at least 13 coal projects across the continent with another nine in the pipeline, Greenpeace data show

04 23, 2020 05:15 AM

China Business Digest: China Vows to Expand Covid-19 Testing; Chinese Steel Mills’ Profit Halved

More evidence emerges of a coronavirus-air pollution link; Beijing plans more relief for the poor and unemployed; shipbuilder gets record LNG carrier order

04 22, 2020 03:36 AM

Does Air Pollution Add to Risk of Death From Covid-19?

German researcher finds that 78% of deaths in Germany, France, Spain and Italy occurred in five areas with high levels of nitrogen dioxide

04 13, 2020 16:25 PM

Opinion: India’s Response to Covid-19: Advancing Multilateralism

The country’s soft power has been on display over the past few weeks amid the ongoing pandemic

04 02, 2020 21:25 PM

China Business Digest: Debate Intensifies Over 2020 GDP Target; Investors Shrug Off U.S. Stock Sell-Off

U.S. coronavirus caseload reaches 216,000; outbreak hampers China’s war on trash

04 02, 2020 14:03 PM

China’s War on Garbage Faces a Major Coronavirus Setback

A rise in food deliveries may pose a long-term problem as more people grow used to convenience at the expense of the environment

03 20, 2020 18:19 PM

Opinion: Covid-19 Challenges China’s Sustainable Development Agenda

Measures to offset the economic damage of the outbreak won’t be good for the environment in the short term

03 19, 2020 18:23 PM

Fisher: What Western Pundits Miss About China and The Coronavirus

Pundits should listen to Sir John Templeton’s advice: 'This time it’s different' is the most dangerous phrase in investing

03 18, 2020 21:11 PM

In Depth: The Great Face Mask Debate

The global medical community lacks a clear consensus on whether we should don the protective gear before stepping out

03 17, 2020 19:09 PM

Hunan Tries to Jumpstart Local Car Sector

Central China province offers up to $428 for buyers of locally produced cars in bid to help industry pummeled by economic downturn and fallout from Covid-19 outbreak

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