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Economic Implications of U.S. Elections amid U.S.-China Competition
Oct 12, 2020 04:02 PM

Economic Implications of U.S. Elections amid U.S.-China Competition

Caixin Global and the Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF) Online Dialogue

The US-China relationship is the most important consequential relationship of this century, and is arguably at its lowest point in decades. The economic stakes are unprecedently high. The looming U.S. election will have a profound impact on global affairs and in particular on the currently tense U.S.-China relationship.

Caixin Global and the Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF) will hold an online dialogue on the “Economic Implications of the U.S. Elections amid U.S.-China Competition”. Speakers from China and U.S. will share insights on how they see the economic implications of the U.S. Elections during this special time. Audience comprises of high-net-worth opinion leaders from 65+ countries and regions with a diverse background, including economic policy consultants and economists; financial industry leaders and institutional investors; senior researchers and scholars; well-known entrepreneurs, and decision makers of state owned and private enterprises from all sectors.

Wednesday October 16
EST 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m./ CET 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m./Beijing Time 8:00 p.m.-9:00p.m.

− How likely is the U.S. to adopt a coherent, systematic China policy on economic and technology issues?
− How will the technology “decoupling” evolve?

− What is the outlook for U.S.-China trade and investment? Will there be a major supply chain relocation?
− Will Wall Street weigh China’s financial opening up and investment opportunities against geopolitical and regulatory risks in the U.S?

− How might a potential Biden administration change the U.S. approach and policy toward China?

• David McCormick, CEO, Bridgewater
• Gao Xiqing, former CIO, China Investment Corporation
• Wang Tao, Chief China economist and Head of Asia Economic Research, UBS
Moderator: Li Zengxin, Deputy General Manager, Caixin Global; Director, Caixin Global Intelligence

Appendix: Upcoming Events

About the 11th Caixin Summit (November 12-15, 2020)

The Caixin Summit, launched in 2010, is Caixin Media’s annual flagship event, which has been diving deep into critical global issues from economic, political and social perspectives. It has been widely recognized for its impact on policymaking and agenda-setting as it continues to provide an independent and influential platform for public officials, business leaders, academics and entrepreneurs from China and beyond. The previous prominent figures include Yi Gang, Zhou Xiaochuan, Lou Jiwei, Wu Jinglian, Ben Bernanke, Steven Chu, Charlene Barshefsky, Dominic Barton, John Thornton, Maurice Greenberg, Oliver Hart, Robert Hormats, Jacob Lew, Paul Romer, Kevin Rudd, Jean-Claude Trichet, Pascal Lamy, Raghuram Rajan, Abhijit V. Banerjee, Jean Tirole, Carrie Lam, Laura Shih May-lung and more.

The 11th Caixin Summit is inviting top experts from China and the international community to share their insights into the time and prospects for the future, right with a focus on the theme: Rebuilding Global Trust. Combining the online and offline sessions, the event is set on November 12-15, Beijing. 

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About the 2020 Greenwich Economic Forum (November 9-11, 2020)

The Greenwich Economic Forum (GEF) was founded in Greenwich, Connecticut (USA) in 2018 as a global investment conference for executives in finance, government, and other key industries.  Anchored by some of the world’s top investors, the GEF has quickly become one of the world’s foremost finance conferences where leaders from industry and government can share opinions and research on the state and direction of the global economy.

Please also join us for the 2020 Greenwich Economic Forum, November 9-11, 2020 featuring VIP speakers Ray Dalio, Indra Nooyi, David Rubenstein. and others for an a global elite 3-day investment virtual summit that will convene C-Suite leaders in finance, government, and other key industries for in-depth and thought-provoking discussions on the defining issues of our times including the global economic impact of the November 2020 US Elections, China’s New Place in the World, and the Coronavirus Today and in 2021.

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