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St. Gallen Symposium Session at Caixin Summit: Rebuilding Trust in a Post-COVID Era (Video)
Nov 12, 2020 10:30 AM

St. Gallen Symposium Session at Caixin Summit: Rebuilding Trust in a Post-COVID Era (Video)

The once-in-a-century pandemic not just wreaked havoc on global health system but triggered economic recessions that compared to, if not worse than, those in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. What make things worse is that instead of what had been perceived as equalizer, the pandemic dealt a disproportionate blow to blue collar workers and other economically disadvantaged. It has amplified humanitarian crisis around the globe, as countries reprioritize global financial aid to national crisis management, while the needy are more affected than ever before. In other words, the pandemic created winners and losers, adding to what had been widening disparities between haves and have-nots and disillusion with globalization.

Accordingly, how to rebuild trust in multilateral system, and more sustainable and resilient development model is the most important and urgent question our new era faces. As one of the most advanced and innovative countries in the world, how can Switzerland pull all these levers to help restore such trust? What is the role of corporate world in helping deal with these societal and economic challenges especially the likes of ABB? What is the role of international organizations like the ICRC to attain and maintain global trust in the need for collective international humanitarian collaboration, even in economically challenging times? Regarding the loopholes exposed in global public health system, what measures need to be taken to mend the fences? China has demonstrated an effective response to the pandemic and is set to be the first major economy to post a positive growth this year. In which areas can both countries join hands amid the fight against the pandemic and post-Covid recovery? Rebuilding trust may take more than a generation and according to a slew of surveys in Europe, many youths think their future will be worse off than their parents. So, how will all stakeholders (MNCs, Int’l organizations, sovereign governments) ensure that the recovery strategies are not at the cost of the next generations.



Bernardino REGAZZONI, Ambassador of Switzerland to China

Peter MAURER, President,the International Committee of the Red Cross

Peter R. VOSER, Chairman of the Board of Directors, ABB Ltd


ZHANG Lihui, President, Caixin Media

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