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Valuable Capital Limited: Sailing with the Wind of Fintech

The Hong Kong stock market environment has been extremely volatile in the past year. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange disclosed in December 2021 that 92 new shares were listed, and initial public funds were raised to 318.9 billion yuan this year. The number of new shares and the number of funds raised have fallen compared to 2020 but still attracts new economy companies to join the market. Valuable Capital Limited(VCL) is one of the strong market players.


Holding the vision of making investment clearer, Valuable Capital Limited(VCL) made steady progress step by step and provided iterative innovation products for customers in 2021. Valuable Capital Limited(VCL) provides users with an efficient and convenient investment experience through the ultimate financial innovation technology.

Bringing fintech closer to the younger generation

2021 has been eventful and remarkable. At the beginning of the year, the GameStop event occurred in the US stock market had shown that the average age of online investors is around 30-35 years old. They are Generation-Z living in the information networking, and preferring to do online trades and communications through internet, more than other generations.

According to the Qianfan Analysys, the overall active scale of online investors fluctuates with the volatility of the capital market. In June 2021, this active scale reached 83.7313 million, an increase of 8.1% on year-on-year basis and a month-on-month increase of 7.5%. This statistic confirms that the people under the age of 30 is the main force that are more dependent and reliable on mobile financial behaviour.

The young Valuable Capital Limited(VCL) team has a better understanding of the young investors’ habits. At the beginning of the establishment, Valuable Capital Limited(VCL) has set up a product research and development team to independently develop a trading counter -- the VBrokers, which is launched to cater to the young investment habits. This trading counter is a one-stop digital platform that trading HK and US stocks. It is committed to providing global investment products, real-time stock quotes, financial news, online communities and investment tools for users worldwide and especially for the young investors.

In the past five years, Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) has been constantly refining and innovating the VBrokers, for the purpose to improve the user experience. In the 2021,VBrokers were upgraded over 29 times during the last year. It helps users to place orders intelligently by setting prices, practices, associated targets and other conditions, so as to grasp the investment opportunities. For example, the "Conditional Order" function has been divided into 7 different setting conditions, such as "price condition", "time condition", "stop profit and stop loss condition", "track stop loss condition" and "rebound condition", according to the user's trading scenario.

Meanwhile, VBrokers will not only provide the users with the latest stock market dynamic and financial information of HK or US stock markets, but also conduct on community communication, and follow the investment and financial management updates shared by KOLs and big Vs. According to statistics in November 2021, nearly 4,000 people actively initiated discussions on the VBrokers community. The existence of the community makes the relationship closer and the connection stronger, between the like-minded users and Valuable Capital Limited (VCL). The users share and communicate with each other on a daily basis. They are also willing to gather offline to explore the current hot topics and grow together.

In December, Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) put forward a VCR with the theme of "Life begins with VCL" and put it on large outdoor screens such as Times Square and Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. As Venus Zhou, the "Hong Kong's Favourite Female Anchor" and the director of marketing department of Valuable Capital Limited (VCL), said in the advertisement, "Equip yourself with the powerful functions of VBrokers, and make every day prosperous". This is one of the ways that young generations are using fintech to improve their lives better and better.

In the fifth anniversary celebration last year, Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) launched a brand renewal campaign, positioning the brand as a wealth management platform for young investors. By upgrading the technology and breaking through the user experiences, Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) is intending to achieve a goal of growing and acquiring wealth with young people, and will be constantly leading the development of brokerage industry with advanced fintech.

Empowering New Economy Companies to Global Wealth Management

Through fintech, Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) not only empowers user services in the C-end market, but also the development of new economy enterprises in the B-end market. In recent years, new economy companies, such as Tencent, Xiaomi, Meituan, Alibaba,, and NetEase, have made great achievements after flooding into or returning to the Hong Kong stock market.

Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) always has insight into the market dynamics, to mine the needs of small/medium-sized enterprise clients, to enhance the value of the enterprise service system. It provides clients with equity financing, listing preparation, listing, roadshow bookkeeping, post-listing full-process solutions, as well as refinancing methods and the improvement suggestions in management operations of listed companies.

In 2021, a sub-brand "Valuable Navigator" was established, which focuses on providing a full life-circle customized services for corporate and institutional clients. The brand also provides diversified solutions in helping clients to improve international reputation and investment and financing support.

Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) has obtained the No. 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9 licenses in Hong Kong. The global strategic layout of Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) is also advancing orderly that it is currently applying for the multi-county licenses.

For Valuable Capital Limited (VCL), 2022 will be a year full of opportunities and challenges. The bright hope of Valuable Capital Limited (VCL) is just like the sailing ship carrying the honour of the Chinese investors’ first global expedition, looking ahead to a wider world and exploring the infinite universe.


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