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SMART Talks: Intensification of Precipitation in a Warming World
Feb 14, 2022 04:36 PM

SMART Talks: Intensification of Precipitation in a Warming World

Session Introduction: Precipitation supplies a water resource that is vital to the society. Too much of it however will increase flood risk. As recent flooding in China and around the world has shown, climate change can create dramatic effects that include extreme consequences. In this talk, Xuhui Lee will review the state of science regarding projections of precipitation change in a future warmer world. Will global total precipitation increase, and if so by how much? Will individual rain events become more intense, and if so why and by how much? Which is more likely: wetter climates get wetter and drier climates get drier, or vice versa?

Professor Lee’s research and teaching concern the interactions between the terrestrial biosphere, the atmosphere and anthropogenic drivers. His areas of interest include boundary-layer meteorology, micrometeorological instrumentation, remote sensing, and carbon cycle science. One focus of his research activity is on biophysical effects of land use on the climate system.

About SMART Talks on Climate Change

From devastating natural disasters to a global pandemic, the effects of climate change continue to be more pressing, extreme, and far-reaching than ever before. Through offering them the opportunity to converse with top scholars and key policy-makers in the field, our program aims to endow leaders of the next generation with useful insights to tackle the problem.

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