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SMART Talks: Rule of Law in Decarbonization
Feb 14, 2022 04:40 PM

SMART Talks: Rule of Law in Decarbonization

Session Introduction: Laws and regulations play a big role in solving environmental problems. It is expected that mandatory laws and regulations can promote environment protection and related ESG engagement among more stakeholders on a larger scale. In this talk, Gao Xiqing proposes that we need a strong government, which can turn the environmental problems into legal problems and empower related authorities. He will also share his experience involved with how China Investment Corporation (CIC) formulated the “three no” policy to guide investment.

Gao Xiqing is Hongtian Chair Professor of Law School at the University of International Business and Economics, former Vice Chairman, President and CIO of the China Investment Corporation. Prior to that, Gao has working experiences both in Wall Street and Chinese financial regulatory bodies. Gao gained his Master of Economics and Law in International Economic Law from the University of International Business and Economics, and JD from Duke University.

About SMART Talks on Climate Change

From devastating natural disasters to a global pandemic, the effects of climate change continue to be more pressing, extreme, and far-reaching than ever before. Through offering them the opportunity to converse with top scholars and key policy-makers in the field, our program aims to endow leaders of the next generation with useful insights to tackle the problem.

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