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SMART Talks: Writing about Climate Change
Feb 14, 2022 05:23 PM

SMART Talks: Writing about Climate Change

Session Introduction: After discussing the basics of persuasive writing, editing and reviewing, and writing about science, we will practice to put everything together and discuss writing about climate change from a seasoned writer. We will discuss what pitfalls to avoid, what particular strategies work, and how can you make your piece more impactful.

Fred Strebeigh, B.A. Yale University, faculty member at Yale since 1984. Fred Strebeigh’s nonfiction writing has covered a wide range of subjects including the history and origins of nature writing, the arts and crafts movement in America, the role of the bicycle as a cultural force in China, educational exchange between China and the United States, the creation of a dictionary of American dialects, pressures on the Antarctic treaty system, natural and social conditions in the Falkland Islands, the race to create radar during World War II, traces of early man in southern Africa, the rise of feminist law, saving whales from fishing nets off the coast of Newfoundland, the impact of environmental issues on the presidential election in 2004, and defending the world’s largest system of scientific nature reserves in Russia.

About SMART Talks on Climate Change

From devastating natural disasters to a global pandemic, the effects of climate change continue to be more pressing, extreme, and far-reaching than ever before. Through offering them the opportunity to converse with top scholars and key policy-makers in the field, our program aims to endow leaders of the next generation with useful insights to tackle the problem.

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