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Social Impact Investment in the Context of Carbon Neutrality, ESG and Metaverse

The SIIS 2022 conference would be held in Hong Kong from April 23-24 expanding on 4 topics of social impact investment, ESG, carbon neutrality and Metaverse & NFT, discussing and highlighting actions and solutions from business and industry, globally renowned capital management institutions, private investment, NGOs and the high-end technology community in more than 12 panel discussion, all available online through global streaming.

Not long ago, a plan of action containing 17 goals for people, planet and prosperity is announced in the UN headquarter.

We can be the first generation to succeed in ending poverty; just as we may be the last to have a chance of saving the planet. The world will be a better place in 2030 if we succeed in our objectives. Said the plan dated 2015.

“With 2030 is only 8 years away, it is high time to revisit the SDG17. More importantly, in view of the changing world landscape in 2022, we have all agreed to set the theme of the Social Impact Investment & Sustainability Conference 2022 as solidarity and action,” said Dr. Luo Xiang, Co-chair of Social Impact Investment & Procurement Foundation, Former Country Director (China) of United Nations Office for Project Services(UNOPS).

“As former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, unfortunately we have only one planet. We are now at a critical point, more than ever, we anticipate and welcome global solidarity and action. It is our hope that the prospective, empowering and down-to-earth panel discussions in our summit would be an inspiration for action,” said Luo.

The audience could be expectant of a rare combination from the international political circle, business, industry, NGO and even artists, including keynote speakers such as BAN Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Yukio HATOTYAMA, 93rd Prime Minister of Japan, and YANG Yuanqing, Chairman and CEO, Lenovo Group; MA Weihua, Member of UNDP SDG Impact Steering Group, Chairman of China Global Philanthropy Institute, Chairman of SusallWave Digital Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and WANG Shi, Founder of Vanke Group, Founder of Destone Group and Chairman of Vanke Foundation, just to name a few.


Sustainable & collaborative investments

Sustainable investing continues to attract large amounts of capital as investors want to contribute to positive change, such as reversing climate change, promoting social justice, and advocating for better governance. According to Bloomberg, assets under management (AUM) that are invested globally in sustainability funds and portfolios could reach $53 trillion by 2025, accounting for more than one-third of projected total AUM of $140.5 trillion.

Although seldom touted, United Nation is one of the leading actors in sustainable investment and collaboration by the UN, government, civil society, and private sector investors.   The  UN  Joint SDG Fund’s footprints in five nations include a development impact bond in Kenya, the investments include a platform that encourages healthy sexual and reproductive habits, and HIV prevention; Madagascar will use a variety of financial instruments, including a newly established sovereign fund, to finance renewable energy projects, and expand access to affordable, sustainable energy; North Macedonia’s newly created Green Financing Facility will help finance a transition to renewable and efficient energy for underserved households and businesses.

Meanwhile, Suriname will implement an innovative guarantee facility to ease access to credit, a business incubator, and a farmer-owned cooperative, to develop a sustainable and resilient value chain for the country’s pineapple industry.

And with a focus on empowering women and youth participation, Zimbabwe is set to launch a renewable energy fund to initiate the development of the country’s renewable energy system and infrastructure. 

The portfolio is expected to leverage $5 billion toward the SDGs across the 10 countries involved.

Another heavy weight investor inside the UN system is the UN jointed pension fund of nearly $100 billion, and the representative of the Secretary-General, United Nations for Jointed Staff Pension Fund Pedro Antonio Guazo Alonso would talk about Principal of ESG investment driving the UN jointed pension fund. Dr. Jan MATTSSON, Former Under-Secretary- General of the United Nations, Chief Strategic Advisor of Social Impact Investing and Procurement Fund would speak about ESG Model of Impact Investing in the Emerging Markets.

China’s untapped potential in carbon neutrality

In the fight against climate change and carbon neutrality, emerging countries are often faced with difficulties of lacking financial means, technology and talents, in which China could have some good practices to share. SIIS2020 has invited Dr. Tang Min, Chairman of Youcheng Foundation, former Chief Economist of Asian Development Bank, Ms. Ma Jinru, Vice President of Goldwind Science & Technology, a world-renowned wind turbine manufacturer, Ms. Wang Yang, President of Newlink, which is an energy industry of things (IoT) company with an aim of carbon-zero, Mr. Hu Haiping, Chairman of Hui Yang New Energy, which focuses on lithium battery, and Mr. Zhang Xiangdong, Founder of Zhenggu Organic Food, an advocate of zero-carbon consumption.

On the subject of carbon technology investment and the synergy of carbon trading and carbon tariff, SIIS 2022 has invited Mr. Li Junfeng, who was the first Director of the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation and is currently the Chairman of Carbon Fund Sequoia Capital Fund; Mr. Zhang Xiaohua, Chief representative of China region of Climateworks Foundation; Oumar Sylla, Acting Director of the Regional Ofice for Africa UN Habitat; Professor Wang Dong, director, Shenzhen International Low Carbon Development among others.

To discuss impact investing and ESG, the panel speakers range from Eddie Chen, senior partner of Eurazeo Group, a French private equity fund with early exposure to China and currently managing a €1 billion Sino-French fund, to Fang Yujin, Managing partner, Fang Fund Partners, Oliver Niedermaier, Founder, Chairman and CEO of TAU Investment. Justin Kulla Partner at TZP Group CEO of BusinessBlocks and Mr. Wang Guangyu, Founder & President China Soft Capital Group,a private equity fund focusing on sustainable technology development in the Asian region, among others.

The discussion on ESG and social responsibility was organized by Satya S. Tripathi, Secretary-General, Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet & the Former UN Assistant Secretary-General, Fang Ke, Director General of Implementation Monitoring Department, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) , an intergovernmental regional multilateral development institution in Asia; Jaap Van Hierden,United Nations Resident Coordinator in Micronesia, including five Pacific Island countries; Mark Yeh, Head of China Asian Venture Philanthropy Network, Verna Lin from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a joint initiative of CERES and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Angelene Huang, founder of AFI, a non-governmental impact investment consortium, discussed how to balance the economic and social returns of global impact investment.

Start the discussion of governance on Metaverse

The metaverse session features global figures from investment, technology, virtual-real symbiosis scenarios and organisational models. The various technological innovations brought about by metaverse will certainly change the paradigm of economic growth, and it will have a significant impact on individual countries as well as industries to rethink their economic growth models.

It will also have very positive implications for the international community to seek common ground and view technological advances from a developmental and progressive perspective on the way people work, live, interact and organise themselves.

The forum will discuss the future of blockchain, Web 3.0 and artificial intelligence. The same challenges of sustainability is also viable in metaverse, such as carbon neutrality, clean energy and impact investment. The forum will focus on how impact investment can help the metaverse to develop in line with the goals of carbon neutrality and clean energy, and how to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the metaverse.

About the SIIS 2002:

The conference consisted of one main forum and three high-end roundtable dialogues, covering ten topics including ESG, carbon neutral and metaverse related to government management, environment, social responsibility, investment and finance, manufacturing and production, research and technology, certification and trading, green consumption, sustainable procurement and global collaboration.

Time: 9:00-18:00 23-24 April 2022 Saturday & Sunday (UTC+8)

Format: Live Global Online Conference + Hong Kong On-site (subject to Social Distancing Measures)

About the organizer:

The Social Impact Investment and Procurement Foundation (SIIP) is dedicated to providing special purpose fund-raising, social impact investment, sustainable public procurement and technical support with experience, knowledge, management expertise to support the United Nations, international organizations and other partners in achieving the 17 global sustainable development goals within the framework of the United Nations sustainable development agenda.

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