Jul 09, 2022 05:03 PM

Caixin’s Paid Subscribers Exceed 850,000 Ranked 1st in Non-English Digital News Subscription World

The FIPP (the International Federation of Periodical Publishers) released its 2022 Global Digital Subscription Snapshot, in which Caixin ranked 9th with 850,000 paid subscribers. Caixin has become the world’s largest digital news subscription business outside of the English-speaking world, as its subscribers have grown 21% since the first half of 2021.


As the first media outlet in China to put all of its online news behind a subscription paywall, Caixin has been shortlisted for four consecutive years, becoming the only Chinese media outlet to make the list. On the list, there are also a number of widely respected international media outlets with deep influence in global politics and economy, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and

The FIPP is the world's largest newspaper association. Its purpose is to improve all aspects of the media content industry. As one of the most authoritative organizations in the media industry, the depth and professionalism of its reports have been widely noted. According to its latest report, the total number of subscribers to news and digital media continues to grow rapidly, with a global reach of 37.8 million subscriptions. However, the publication’s subscriber numbers did not drop significantly as the global exit from lockdown.

At the end of 2017, Caixin started its paid subscription mechanism. Based on the different needs of its readers, Caixin launched its Chinese subscription product Caixin Express, financial data information product Caixin Data Express and English subscription product Caixin Global Subscription Packages. In 2019, Caixin ranked 15th with 300,000 paid subscribers, the only Chinese media to be shortlisted. In 2020, Caixin ranked 10th, with 510,000 paid subscribers. In 2021, Caixin’s subscribers exceeded 700,000, among top 10 in the ranking that year.

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