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[Keynote Speech] Mapping Stakeholder Economy- James ZHAN
Jul 10, 2022 03:55 PM

[Keynote Speech] Mapping Stakeholder Economy- James ZHAN

In the wave of economic paradigm shifts, regulators and industry bodies around the world are establishing rules and mapping for sustainable development and stakeholder economy, which will determine where capital markets, financial investment institutions and brick-and-mortar businesses are headed next. Which ESG disclosure and capital market rules can underpin and further drive the long-term prosperity of a stakeholder economy? How can it be better coordinated around the globe? How can we balance uniformity, comparability and local adaptability? How can the world’s major stock exchanges bring their power to bear in it?


James ZHAN, Chair of the Governing Board of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative; Director of Investment and Enterprise, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

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