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SMART Talks: Climate Change Mitigation: Protecting the Health of Current and Future Generations
Jan 12, 2023 05:34 PM

SMART Talks: Climate Change Mitigation: Protecting the Health of Current and Future Generations

Session Introduction: Climate change constitutes the greatest public health challenge of the 21 st century. Consequently, climate change mitigation (i.e., urgent and steep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions) is absolutely essential to protect our health and that of future generations. However, the health benefits of lowering greenhouse gas emissions today will not start accruing for several decades.

Fortunately, climate change mitigation measures have major immediate health benefits apart from the delayed benefits resulting from lower greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation will review the adverse health effects of climate change as well as the immediate health “co-benefits” of climate change mitigation.

Dr. Dubrow has been heavily involved in the educational mission of Yale School of Public Health, as well as in research. In 2015, moved by what he sees as the greatest public health challenge in this century, Dr. Dubrow committed himself to a new direction in the field of climate change and health, and became founding Faculty Director for an initiative that grew into the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health, for which he continues to serve as Faculty Director. Dr. Dubrow's discipline is epidemiology. His research focuses on adverse health effects of heat and air pollution, with a particular focus on effects of these factors on kidney disease risk. He also has interests in the benefits and harms of air conditioning, in climate change and health in the Caribbean, and in health equity issues as they relate to climate change. His previous research focused on cancer, HIV, and their intersection.

About SMART Talks on Climate Change:

SMART Talks on Climate Change is a program jointly launched by Caixin Global and Yale Center Beijing in 2022. It aims to provide the leaders of the next generation with opportunities for cross-border, cross-discipline and cross-generation dialogue with top scholars and leading experts on the issue of climate change.

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