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Shoppers are emptying shelves at a Carrefour in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, as the French retail giant reportedly restricted purchases with its prepaid supermarket cards in multiple cities across China. Once the country’s largest foreign retail chain, Carrefour has closed 84 stores over the last three years and exited from some big cities, including Hangzhou, Chengdu and Jinan
Jan.18 2023 20:10 PM
Company rejected rivals’ claims that its Sam’s Club stores are engaging in the anticompetitive practice, which has been a focus of regulatory ire
Oct.26 2021 20:45 PM
Retailer’s hunt for new investment comes amid mounting liquidity pressures for its parent, which recently received partial bailout from enterprises controlled by Shenzhen municipal government
Mar.22 2021 21:06 PM
As U.S. discount giant limits entries to Shanghai store, industry wonders whether contrarian strategy will translate in China
Aug.29 2019 04:29 AM
With Metro seeking to follow Carrefour and sell its China assets, some wonder if Walmart could be the next to exit
Jul.10 2019 20:13 PM
French retailer has agreed to sell 80% stake of its Chinese operations in a $699 million deal
Jun.24 2019 20:34 PM
French retail giant could seek about $1 billion for the Chinese operations, sources say
May.9 2019 17:51 PM
Tesla buys land in Shanghai for factory, Ucommune acquires competitor Fountown, Baidu becomes the first Chinese firm to join US-led A.I. body
Oct.18 2018 17:41 PM
French chain launches midsize Le Marche brand as sales fall at its traditional hypermarkets in China
May.21 2018 18:04 PM
Xinhua claims South Korea’s planned defensive anti-missile system could be used for spying
Feb.21 2017 19:06 PM