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Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters
Joyy Inc. says deal to sell its livestreaming business to search giant for $3.6 billion has been ‘substantially completed,’ despite November attack by Muddy Waters
Feb.9 2021 16:51 PM
After short seller publishes report driving Joyy shares down, livestreaming video giant says Muddy Waters misunderstands its business
Nov.20 2020 05:38 AM
In a 71-page report, short seller alleges evidence of revenue inflation, mismatches with local credit reports, and payments originating from company servers
Nov.19 2020 14:09 PM
Despite being almost universally loss-making, the sector continues to draw strong interest from investors
Jul.28 2020 20:23 PM
Muddy Waters accuses Chinese firm of inflating profit margins and cheating investors
Jul.9 2019 20:28 PM
Shares of New York-listed firm fall as much as 14% after Muddy Waters accuses it of fraud
Jun.14 2018 20:40 PM
Firms’ respective stock prices had fallen after analysts accused them of manipulating financial numbers
Jun.9 2017 19:44 PM
Questions mount over company’s business operations, borrowing activities since Hong Kong-listed dairy’s valuation nosedives
Apr.4 2017 18:15 PM
Beleaguered dairy producer dismisses claims chairman pocketed 3 billion yuan to invest in real estate market
Mar.28 2017 16:22 PM
Local government promises to buy land from the firm and pressures bankers to cooperate on debt relief plan
Mar.25 2017 23:29 PM
Stock price fall of country’s largest cattle farms operator is biggest drop ever recorded on the Hong Kong stock exchange
Mar.24 2017 19:25 PM