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Jul.30 2022 04:01 AM
German auto giant plans to steer more investment to U.S. and electric vehicles amid war in Europe and Covid lockdowns in China
May.5 2022 05:01 AM
Once a leader in helping China create its modern auto industry, the German auto giant is stumbling with its electric transition in the world’s most dynamic EV market
Mar.11 2022 15:58 PM
Construction of the plant, which will be based in Jilin province’s capital of Changchun, is scheduled to begin in April and be completed by December 2024
Feb.16 2022 19:37 PM
Incoming China chief seeks ‘faster, more independent’ local development including innovations such as internet-connected vehicles
Feb.3 2022 16:02 PM
Japanese automaker looks to join the race to set the industry standard for software that will power the vehicles of tomorrow
Jan.4 2022 19:27 PM
Volkswagen AG unit refuses to comment on German media report, saying only that stakeholders remain in ‘close communication’
Dec.2 2021 20:43 PM
The EV-maker will cash in while Volkswagen’s ventures in China, lacking green vehicles, will owe the most in emissions trading
Oct.15 2021 17:55 PM
German automaker intends to better compete against likes of Tesla
Jun.4 2021 17:08 PM
Deal between the South Korean companies spares the Biden administration from an unpalatable choice
Apr.12 2021 14:06 PM
Two South Korean giants are holding talks with at least a dozen agencies, including officials at labor, transportation and energy
Apr.8 2021 15:36 PM
While the sales of Volkswagen, BMW and the like are strong in the country, booming demand for midrange vehicles plays to the strengths of Japanese vehicles
Mar.18 2021 19:58 PM
U.S should recognize China isn’t just a source of hard power, it’s also becoming a source of soft power including innovation, knowledge and inspiration
Feb.16 2021 16:50 PM
ID.4 Crozz model produced with partner FAW will start at $30,800, 40% less than the price of Tesla’s Model Y vehicle
Jan.20 2021 05:20 AM
Standards will be the basis for 16 models under seven brands, and will eventually be made available to other carmakers
Sep.25 2020 20:06 PM
German automaker announces two new investments in the country worth more than $2.2 billion
May.29 2020 20:21 PM
It will be a ‘traumatic next few months’ as outbreak sends ripples through the global auto industry; a parts maker closes its Munich headquarters
Feb.1 2020 04:49 AM
SAIC and GAC will work together in areas like new-energy and self-driving vehicles in bid to find synergies
Dec.25 2019 17:58 PM