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Agenda | December 3rd

  • 10:00-10:10

    Keynote Speeches

    The Honorable Diego Ramiro GUELAR, Ambassador of Argentina to China

    The Honorable YANG Wanming, Ambassador of China to Argentina

  • 10:10-10:55

    Panel Discussion I

    Exploring Traditional and Digital Infrastructure Opportunities in Latin America

    Upgrading infrastructure can significantly improve the well-being of millions living in poverty while ensuring a more sustainable path to development in the future. However, infrastructure investment in Latin American countries lags behind the needs of the region. How can we increase infrastructure investment opportunities? How can we improve social and economic returns from infrastructure and better manage private participation? What should be done to make infrastructure investment sustainable and eco-friendly? How can China and Latin American countries collaborate on mutually beneficial infrastructure projects?

  • 10:55-11:40

    Panel Discussion II

    Coordinating Policies on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

    Population growth, increasing demand for food, competition for water and land rights, climate change and frequent extreme weather, and incoherent regulatory environments are all contributing to the difficulties of the agriculture and food industry. Since the challenges facing food and agriculture are interconnected, addressing them will require integrated policy approaches at national and international levels. What are the obstacles to developing sustainable agriculture and ensuring food security? How can policy and technology improve agricultural productivity to meet increasing demand for food and other agricultural products? How can countries learn from each other and coordinate their actions to build resilience to crisis, disasters and conflicts?

  • 11:40-14:00

    Global Governance: Prospects and Challenges( invitation only )

    The trade frictions between major economies, resurrection of nationalism and protectionism, and mistrust regarding global institutions and norms add to the uncertainties faced by international cooperation, demanding a reevaluation of the future of global governance. The concept of global governance needs to take on a deeper meaning. What kind of consensus, principles and values should we pursue and implement to address issues of global concern? What kind of international order and mechanism do we need to resolve conflicts? How can each society keep economic growth abreast of social progress?

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