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The Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road development strategy launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013

Africa Takes a Seat in the ‘Made in China’ Workshop

New generation of private Chinese manufacturers looks for opportunities on distant continent, generating billions of dollars in economic activity

07 03, 2020 20:35 PM

Opinion: China and the Trans-Pacific Partnership: In or out?

When President Trump closed the door on U.S. participation in the trade pact, he created an opportunity for China to reshape Asian economic integration

06 30, 2020 14:38 PM

Joint CGI-Sinolytics Report: Monitoring China’s New Infrastructure

New infrastructure has become a hot topic in China's national economic policy agenda to fight the economic impacts of Covid-19. First conceptualized in late 2018, the initiative came to the fore in 2020, and is poised to be a primary growth driver for the Chinese economy for years to come, trillion dollar investments are expected in the next few years. It can be comapred with the Belt and Road Initiative but is domestically oriented.

06 08, 2020 20:00 PM

Editorial: China Can and Should Join Asia-Pacific’s Largest Free-Trade Pact

Now that the country’s leadership has expressed its openness to the CPTPP, the country ought to begin the negotiation process at the earliest possible opportunity

06 08, 2020 14:13 PM

Indonesia Woos Japan as China-Led High-Speed-Rail Project Stalls

Tokyo lost to Beijing in bidding, but construction delay creates new opening

06 05, 2020 18:33 PM

Opinion: ‘Two Sessions’ Didn’t Mark a U-turn in China’s Green Economy Push

China would be wise to team up with Germany in global “green leadership”

05 26, 2020 20:01 PM

China Development Bank Backs Greater Bay Area With $50 Billion Lending Pledge

Policy lender says credit will be focused on strategic emerging industries, infrastructure

05 21, 2020 16:24 PM

Opinion: Covid-19 Will Change the World’s Economic and Geopolitical Landscape

Some countries will come out of the pandemic stronger, but some will not

05 20, 2020 21:27 PM

New Rule Means China Needs Nearly 200 Million Extra Bicycle Helmets by June 1

Regulation ordering e-bikers to start wearing the now-unpopular protective headgear has caused a gigantic spike in demand

05 15, 2020 20:39 PM

In Depth: Managing China’s $37 Trillion of Financial SOE Assets Easier Said Than Done

Finance authorities will still lack power over personnel decisions for financial SOEs and probably confront conflicts between roles as regulators and as managers, commenters say

05 15, 2020 15:06 PM

China Unveils Financial Support to Tie Hong Kong, Macao Closer

Financial regulators announce measures to support the so-called Greater Bay Area, including allowing Hong Kong and Macao residents to buy wealth management products issued by Chinese mainland lenders in the region and vice versa

05 11, 2020 23:45 PM

China Business Digest: Coronavirus Infections Rebound; Study Identifies Promising Antiviral Drug Cocktail

Tesla receives $564 million loan from ICBC; Car sales end 21-month decline

05 11, 2020 19:15 PM

Caixin China Biz Roundup: Child Abuse Scandal Provokes National Outcry Over Underground Adoption Networks

In today’s episode: Tech companies face mounting pressure to crack down on illegal adoption groups lurking on their platforms; navigating China’s foreign-investor program; and UAE ambassador opens up about Covid-19 and its impact on the Belt and Road Initiative

05 11, 2020 14:39 PM

Shippers Turn to Belt and Road Trains to Beat Coronavirus Shutdowns

With air and sea freight services disrupted, Europe-Asia rail lines shine

05 09, 2020 19:18 PM

Delay of Some Belt and Road Projects Should Not Be Politicized, UAE Ambassador to China Says

Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri tells Caixin that such setbacks are understandable considering that life has not yet returned to normal in western Asia

05 07, 2020 14:26 PM

China Is Virtually Alone in Backing Coal in Africa

Chinese companies and banks are involved in financing at least 13 coal projects across the continent with another nine in the pipeline, Greenpeace data show

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