Apr 02, 2021 07:56 PM

Charts of the Day: Covid Vaccines By the Numbers

The global pace of Covid-19 vaccine development and rollouts has accelerated since January, ushering in a new phase of pandemic prevention through active immunization against a disease that has infected 130 million worldwide and killed nearly 3 million.

Development of new vaccines typically takes at least several years, and can sometimes take more than a decade. But the growing crop of authorized Covid-19 vaccines have all required just a few months from the start of trials to approval in different countries.

Twelve vaccines have already been approved for general or emergency use, and nine are being administered in different countries globally.

That group will soon be joined by even more as a flood of products hurry through the expedited development, trial and approval process. Some 71 vaccines are currently in human clinical trials worldwide, 20 are in the final stages of testing, and at least 78 preclinical vaccines are in animal trials, according to the New York Times Covid-19 Vaccination Tracker.

To expedite reviews that can often take months or longer, many governments around the world are using a rolling review of preliminary trial data for their Covid vaccine approvals.

China has approved four vaccines to date. Three are inactivated vaccines that use killed viruses and their components as a foundation. Those three were developed by Sinopharm Beijing, Sinopharm Wuhan and Sinovac, each requiring two shots. The fourth, Convidecia, was developed by CanSino, and is the first adenovirus vector vaccine approved in China, requiring only a single shot. The Sinopharm Wuhan vaccine and Convidecia were approved on Feb. 25.

The following charts show the various vaccines countries have approved, the countries that have inoculated the most people and efficacy rates of different vaccines, as well as sales of different products.

VACCINES charts-1

VACCINES charts-2

VACCINES charts-4

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