Jun 04, 2021 07:56 PM

Foreign Ministry Says U.S. Alleged Spying on Allies Is ‘Unacceptable’; Tokyo Olympics Volunteers Quit

Here’s today’s ranking of the top 10 most-read international stories in China that we’ve compiled to help you get a sense of what’s trending in the Chinese language sphere.

1.The World Health Organization approves China’s Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine for emergency use

2.Former U.S. president Donald Trump reportedly claims that he expects to be “reinstated” by August

3.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson says the U.S. alleged spying on its allies “unacceptable”

4.Some 10,000 Tokyo Olympics volunteers quit amid Covid concerns

5.China’s national broadcaster CCTV claims in a report that a U.S. Army biological defense research center known as Fort Detrick has connections with Unit 731, a biological and chemical warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army which committed war crimes in China during WWII

6.American whistle-blower Edward Snowden accuses U.S. President Joe Biden of being “deeply” involved in eavesdropping on European allies from 2012 and 2014, while he was vice president

7.Beijing and Washington have started “normal communication” on economic and trade issues, China’s Ministry of Commerce says

8.Russia to quit international treaty that allows surveillance flights over military facilities, following the withdrawal of the U.S. under the Trump administration

9.Vietnam detects a new coronavirus variant that’s particularly transmissible

10.U.S. announces, then suspends, tariffs on six countries including the U.K. and India in retaliation to digital service taxes on U.S. companies

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Translated by reporter Cai Xuejiao.

The daily ranking of most read news stories among Chinese people, about China and global affairs, is jointly provided to you by Caixin Insight and HANA Data, an artificial intelligence technology team.

The key indicators calculated on the list are based on mass data sourced from China’s mainstream social media platforms and online news websites. Click here for a detailed introduction of our methodology.

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