Jun 28, 2021 08:36 PM

Two-Fifths of Chinese Population Vaccinated, Questions Over Nongfu Spring Drink, Smaller City Banks Suspend Home Loans

Here is today’s ranking of the 10 most-read domestic stories in China, in economics, finance and current affairs. While these headlines can help give you a sense of what’s trending in the Chinese language sphere, the veracity and accuracy of the headlines hasn’t been independently verified by Caixin.

Internet users are paying attention to the likely promotion of Hong Kong’s police chief. They also continue to follow a traditional Chinese medicine which saw its price hiked by nearly sixfold.

1.40% of Chinese population vaccinated

According to data released by the National Health Commission last Thursday, more than 630 million people have been vaccinated (external source, in Chinese) in China, accounting for more than 40% of the country’s population.

2.Price of a traditional Chinese medicine hiked nearly sixfold

According to the China Economic Weekly, the price of Pien Tze Huang, a traditional Chinese medicine formula used for treating inflammation, that is often used in cases of viral hepatitis, has been raised (external source, in Chinese) from 590 yuan ($91) per pill to up to 3,000 yuan on online trading platforms.


3.China’s top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan on delta variant countermeasures

China’s chief epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said (external source, in Chinese) measures such as expanding the search for close contacts are effective in dealing with delta variant of the coronavirus. The highly contagious variant has forced Guangdong, China’s first province to respond to the variant, to expand its definition of “close contacts” to include those who were in the same building or workplace as the patient within the four days prior to the onset of symptoms.

4.Questions raised over Nongfu Spring products

A peach-flavored sparkling water product made by Chinese bottled water giant Nongfu Spring in Japan’s Fukushima prefecture has raised questions (external source, in Chinese) about food safety as well as false advertising.

5.Administrators who accidentally ended the college entrance exam early disciplined

A school in Fuzhou, East China’s Fujian province, mistakenly rang the bell that signaled the end of the national college entrance exam about two minutes early on June 7. Five people in charge were demoted (external source, in Chinese) and given demerits for the mistake last Friday.

6.Taiwan reports 12 cases of delta variant

Taiwan reported (external source, in Chinese) 89 new cases of Covid-19 and confirmed two other previously reported cases involved the highly infectious delta variant, raising the total number of people infected with the variant to 12, according to the Central Epidemiological Command Center on Sunday.

7.No serious illness reported among vaccinated patients in Guangdong

According to the state-owned broadcaster CCTV, Guangdong’s Covid-19 flare-up shows (external source, in Chinese) that none of the infected patients who have been vaccinated developed serious illnesses.

8.Guangdong exports over 15,000 tons of lychee

According to the state-owned Chinanews, the annual production of lychee in Guangdong will reach (external source, in Chinese) 1.4 million tons this year with more than 15,000 tons exported to over 20 countries and regions. As of June 23, lychee sales in Guangdong amounted to 425 million yuan, a 49.3% year-on-year increase.

9.Banks in hot second-tier cities suspend home loans

Following a rise in mortgage rates, many second-tier cities such as Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, and Hefei have seen a tightening (external source, in Chinese) of bank mortgages, with some banks suspending their second-hand and new home mortgage business.

10.Hong Kong’s police chief to be promoted

Hong Kong Police Commissioner Chris Tang is expected to be promoted to the post of secretary for security.

This story has been corrected to remove references to a steep drop in Nongfu Spring's share price.

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Translated by intern reporter Chen Bingyi

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