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Weekly Must-Read: How China’s Insurance Industry Is Slowly Opening to the Sick

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# Finance #

In Depth: How China’s Insurance Industry Is Slowly Opening to the Sick

Increasing numbers of Chinese insurers are launching health insurance policies targeting people with chronic illnesses, which make up as much as one-fifth of China’s population

Exclusive: Graft Busters Target Booming Shipping Finance Sector

Arrest of Citic Financial Leasing chief Guo Fangmeng adds to growing list of detained executives as authorities cast a wide net over $77 billion industry

In Depth: The Shadowy Businessman Behind a Multibillion-Dollar Bank Swindle

Lü Yi built a massive business network on billions of yuan in fraudulent loans and turned rural banks into personal ATMs. Then he vanished

Exclusive: Graft Busters Snare Another Former China Construction Bank Official

Zhang Long, ex-chief of investment and wealth management, joins a lengthening list of managers brought down in anti-corruption probe

# Cover Story #

The Double Squeeze on China’s ‘Sandwich Generation’

Those born under the one-child policy face the demands of rearing their own children while providing care for their aging parents

# Economy #

China’s Fiscal Revenue Posts First Growth Since March

August revenue grew 5.6% year-on-year to $186 billion as the impact of a tax refund policy tapered off

# Business #

Distressed Chinese Developers Scramble for a Piece of $28.5 Billion Industry Bailout

Loans aim to restart construction of projects that stalled amid a sector-wide crisis of liquidity and confidence

European Demand for Chinese Solar Panels Soars as Russia Withholds Natural Gas

China shipped 51.5 gigawatts worth of photovoltaic modules to the continent in the first seven months, 26% more than for the whole of 2021

# Chart of the Week #

China Expands HPV Vaccine Coverage

China’s top drug regulator expanded the age range of the most popular Gardasil 9-valent human


# Tech #

In Depth: New Battle Lines Emerge in China’s Shifting NEV Market

The aggressive entry of tech giants like Huawei is helping give deep-pocketed traditional carmakers an edge

# Opinion #

China’s Most Vulnerable Need More Protection During the Pandemic

We should make greater efforts to bolster the economic resilience of groups like the unemployed, sick and disabled in order to stimulate market vitality

# China #

Caixin Explains: How Corrupt Officials Hide Their Wealth Overseas

With former China Life Insurance Chairman Wang Bin arrested on corruption charges, Caixin delves into the infrequently mentioned crime of concealing savings abroad

# World #

Xi Calls On Security Bloc to Guard Against ‘Color Revolution’

President tells leaders from Russia, India, Pakistan and Central Asian countries to remain firm in safeguarding the international order and ‘reject zero-sum game and bloc politics’

# Weekend Long Read #

Why China Still Needs the Asian Development Bank

Although the country no longer lacks money, it can still make use of development support, mainly in the form of strengthening its institutional capacity

# Gallery #

Gallery: Melon Migrants


# Podcast #

Local Government Apologizes Following Deadly Covid Quarantine Bus Crash

Incident leaves 27 dead and 20 more injured


Covid Quarantine Bus Crash Kills 27 in Guizhou Province

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