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Caixin China Green News Briefing: China’s Hunt for Strategic New Energy Minerals

Welcome back to the Caixin China Green News Briefing! I am Ma Yueyan, the rotating editor of today’s briefing. In this summary, I want to share with you the main environmental news and related policies that came out in February, from which we can see that green and low-carbon development is becoming the most sustainable growth drive. Subscribe to get this monthly newsletter right to your inbox!


Green and Sustainability News From Caixin

Cover Story: China’s Hunt for Strategic New Energy Minerals

#New Energy

Chinese companies are scouting the world for mining assets as the country’s booming new-energy vehicle industry has boosted demand for key metals used in electric-vehicle batteries. However, receding globalization, rising geopolitical conflicts and supply chain restructuring is throwing up road blocks for investing in overseas mining projects. Read here for how Chinese companies learn to “walk on two legs” at home and abroad. Read more here.

China’s Renewable Energy Capacity Overtakes Coal for First time

#Green Energy

China's renewable energy capacity surpassed coal for the first time in 2022, accounting for 47.3% of the country's total installed generation capacity, while coal's share fell to 43.8%, according to Wang Dapeng, deputy director of the New and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration. Despite this, coal still accounted for 60% of total power generated due in part to a drought. Find out more.

China Carbon Watch: Trading Tumbled in Short January

#Carbon Market

China's carbon emissions allowance (CEA) market had low trading volumes in January, the second-lowest monthly volume on record. The market is unlikely to gain traction until key issues are resolved, such as expanding the ETS and permitting financial players to participate. Read more.

Hong Kong Hires Banks for Debut Digital Green Bond Sale

#Green Bond

Hong Kong plans to raise $102 million through its debut sale of digital green bonds, which will be recorded on a distributed ledger technology-based digital assets platform provided by Goldman Sachs. The move is part of Hong Kong's efforts to become Asia's digital asset capital and a hub for sustainable financing. See more details here.

Nio to Add 1,000 Battery-Swapping Stations in 2023


Electric vehicle startup Nio Inc. plans to build 1,000 new battery-swapping stations across China this year to serve its business expansion, the company said. The new facilities will include 400 battery-swapping stations along highways and 600 in urban areas with a focus on the country’s third- and fourth-tier cities and counties. Know more about its plan. Learn more about its plan.

China’s Climate Envoy Receives Nobel Sustainability Award (in Chinese)

#Xie Zhenhua

Xie Zhenhua called on the whole society, especially young people, to participate in green and low-carbon changes and innovation, to establish a green, low-carbon and sustainable production, lifestyle and consumption pattern, and to return to future generations a planet full of wealth, vitality and clear seas and river. Find out more here in Chinese.


Global Green Events Calendar

ESG & Sustainability Forum

 Berlin, Germany 

Date: March 20, 2023

Organizer: Infrastructure Investor

Find out more

UN 2023 Water Conference

 New York, U.S. 

Date: March 22-24, 2023

Organizer: United Nation

Find out more

8th Annual Sustainability Week

 London, UK & Virtual 

Date: March 29-31, 2023

Organizer: Economist Impact

Find out more

Ceres Globe

 New York, U.S. & Virtual 

Date: March 22-24, 2023

Organizer: Ceres

Find out more

FP Climate Summit 2023

 Washington, D.C. & Virtual 

Date: 8:00 am (ET), April 26, 2023

Organizer: Foreign Policy

Find out more

2023 IIF Sustainable Finance Summit

 Tokyo, Japan & Virtual 

Date: April 5-6, 2023

Organizer: Institute of International Finance

Find out more


Voice from the Future

Reading Thoreau: Man and Nature

By Ma Yueyan

What is the relationship between man and nature? If we think about this question from a philosophical perspective, we often can’t help but tend to answer that man should return to nature. This view is not adapted to the needs of modern social development, and the American literary scholar Thoreau tries to offer us a kind of moderate environmentalist thinking.

Literary experts have now reached a consensus that it was Thoreau's willingness to experience life back in nature that led to such profound reflections on life and nature. At least we can be sure that Thoreau's thoughts on nature are still inspiring to us today, because few people have really been willing to think about nature humbly. Rereading Thoreau's views can be a good way to help us think about the premise of environmental issues today: the ethical aspects of environmental protection. For today's rapidly evolving environmental technologies, ethical perspectives must be able to keep up with the times, otherwise environmental technologies will not be able to effectively serve society...[Read more]


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