Mar 10, 2023 02:46 PM

Weekly Must-Read: TikTok’s Chinese Twin Is Taking On Alibaba and Meituan for E-Commerce Market Share

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# Cover Story #

TikTok’s Chinese Twin Is Taking On Alibaba and Meituan for E-Commerce Market Share

Like ByteDance’s TikTok, the Douyin video sharing app deploys live-streaming in the competition for consumers in the online marketplace

# Finance #

In Depth: Where China’s Insurers See a Booming Business, Regulators See Risks

Authorities have become increasingly concerned about the risks of policies linked to guaranteed residency in high-end retirement communities and new rules could force some insurers to suspend sales

China’s Financial Shake-Up Shows Policymakers’ Growing Focus on Stability, Risk

New regulatory system indicates shift to a ‘twin peaks’ model similar to those adopted by major developed economies, analysts say

China Pushes Back on Mark Mobius Money-Transfer Complaint

Billionaire investor says on TV to be ‘very careful’ after he couldn’t move funds to Hong Kong from Shanghai, but authorities maintain the rules are the rules and haven’t changed

# Business #

In Depth: The World’s EV Supply Chain Is Fracturing

Long dominated by China, the global lithium industrial chain is breaking up into independent European, American and China segments

Xiaomi-Backed Fund Raises Nearly $1.4 Billion for Chip Investment

Billionaire Xiaomi founder Lei Jun pushes Xiaomi Zhizao fund closer to its target for supporting advanced technologies

# Economy #

China Sets 2023 GDP Growth Target at Around 5%

Premier Li Keqiang announced the target as he delivered his final government work report at the annual ‘Two Sessions’

# Tech #

Xiaomi Goes Toe-to-Toe With Huawei in License, Patent Disputes

Smartphone-maker says it is negotiating to obtain licenses for telecom network and phone technology after Huawei reported it for patent infringement

# Two Sessions #

China to Reorganize Science and Tech Ministry, Set Up National Data Bureau

The institutional revamp includes the forming of a new financial watchdog and the cutting of headcount at central state organs by 5%.

# World #

U.S. Firms Weigh China Alternatives Amid Political Tension, Survey Shows

While a majority of U.S. companies in the country say they are maintaining their operations there, some say they are in the process of relocating manufacturing elsewhere

# Opinion #

U.S.-China Trade Decoupling Is Underway

Assuming there will be no big turnaround in China’s relationship with the West, the country’s foreign trade will grow increasingly challenged

# Weekend Long Read #

How a Lack of Conviction in Values Leaves Ambitious Movies Feeling Hollow

It’s hard for directors to move an audience with a big idea if they don’t really believe it themselves

# Gallery #

Gallery: In Pursuit of World Cup Glory


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