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Tech giant Apple announced it will no longer produce the iPod Touch, marking the end of an era for a popular music player that transformed how many music fans consume their favorite songs, since its debut about two decades ago. From phonographs to portable music players, such devices have shaped a variety of consumer trends and people’s lifestyles over decades
May.13 2022 20:57 PM
The two Japanese video game giants have suspended shipments and their online stores in the country
Mar.10 2022 15:03 PM
The U.S. tech giant will pay nearly $70 billion to purchase Activision, the developer behind titles like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty
Jan.19 2022 19:48 PM
The joint venture’s semiconductor plant will have a capacity to produce 45,000 12-inch wafers per month
Nov.10 2021 15:48 PM
Didi rival T3 pockets $1.2 billion in new funding, Sony weighs chipmaking partnership with TSMC, Beijing issues draft rules on cross-border data flows
Oct.29 2021 21:50 PM
Regulators have reportedly informed Tencent that it should give up exclusive music rights
May.18 2021 18:53 PM
Electronics-to-entertainment conglomerate readies Airpeak for spring launch
Jan.13 2021 14:05 PM
Sony, Toshiba and other suppliers face risk to $10 billion in annual business
Sep.16 2020 14:00 PM
Japanese tech giant is latest in a string of suitors including Zhejiang Century Huatong Group and iDreamSky Technology Holdings
Jul.3 2020 03:26 AM
Japanese entertainment giant plans to take a 4.98% stake for $400 million in cash
Apr.10 2020 20:11 PM
Huawei, ZTE and others will not follow Ericsson and LG in dropping out of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, even as organizer announces strict controls on Chinese guests
Feb.11 2020 20:20 PM
‘You’ve got a gun to your head,’ Noreen Krall told Caixin, adding there is ‘no settlement at all on the horizon’
Jan.18 2019 21:48 PM
More companies turn their back on once-popular technology as financial woes continues to dog its pioneer
Mar.15 2018 14:49 PM
Leading console makers take less than 3% of nation’s massive gaming market three years after end of decadelong ban
Aug.18 2017 16:59 PM
Coca-Cola, Sony among the latest multinationals responding to higher costs and homegrown competition by scaling back in China
Dec.6 2016 12:26 PM