Wang Tao

Chief China Economist, UBS

Li Feng

Founding Partner, FreeS Fund

Huang Shan

Deputy Managing Editor and Editorial Board Member, Caixin Media

Li Zengxin

Deputy General Manager, Caixin Global


Thursday, 27 February


- Macroeconomic policy responses and growth prospects

- Risks and opportunities from an investment perspective

- Implication for global trade, supply chain and world economy

Wang TaoChief China Economist, UBS

Li FengFounding Partner, FreeS Fund

Huang ShanDeputy Managing Editor and Editorial Board Member, Caixin Media

Li ZengxinDeputy General Manager, Caixin Global

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Webinar Review

As the epidemic continues to spread, three speakers shared actionable insights into economic recovery and resilience-building amid the Covid-19 epidemic.

Need a quick review of the webinar? Get the summary, slides and additional questions answered by Wang Tao and Li Feng here.

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