Jim Yong Kim

Former president of the World Bank

Zhang Wenhong

Director of the department of infectious diseases, Shanghai Huashan Hospital

Michele Geraci

Former Undersecretary of State, Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Vernon Lee

Director for Communicable Diseases, Singapore Ministry of Health

Li Xin

Vice President, Caixin Media; Managing Director, Caixin Global


Tuesday, 2 June


  · An overview of countries‘ public health responses:There is significant diversity in the public health responses to Covid-19. Which have been the most effective, and how are local conditions a factor in choosing the right one? 
  · Lessons and experiences for developing countries:Given the restrains in their resources, what lessons and experience are most relevant to them, and what measures should they adopt?
  · The road of resumption:As countries slowly reopen their economies, how can governments, firms and individuals prevent a resurgence or "second wave" of infections? What institutional changes will be needed as people learn to live with the virus? 
  · International collaboration:How to make sure vaccines/ cures/ treatments are made available to the greatest number of people at the lowest cost possible? How can the international community, especially the public health community, unite and do good in the aftermath of Covid-19?  

Including 5 minutes’ welcome remarks, 30 minutes’ keynote remarks and dialogues, 20 minutes’ panel discussion and 20 minutes’ Q&A.

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Jim Yong KimFormer president of the World Bank

Zhang WenhongDirector of the department of infectious diseases, Shanghai Huashan Hospital

Michele GeraciFormer Undersecretary of State, Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Vernon LeeDirector for Communicable Diseases, Singapore Ministry of Health

Li XinVice President, Caixin Media; Managing Director, Caixin Global


Fighting Coronavirus - Policy Analysis and Practical Experiences

Need a quick review of the roundtable? Find the highlights and the video here.

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