Zhou Xiaochuan

President of China Society for Finance and Banking, Former Governor of the People's Bank of China

Robert Zoellick

11th President of the World Bank

Huang Qifan

Executive Vice President, China International Economic Exchange Centre

Hong Xiaoyong

Ambassabor of China

Fang Fenglei

Hopu Investment Management Co Ltd.

Zhang Lei

Founder and CEO,
Hillhouse Capital Group

Vincent Loy

Assistant Managing Director (Technology),
Monetary Authority of
Singapore (MAS)

Tan Kiat How

Chief Executive of the infocomm Media Development Anthority (IMDA),

Zhang Yong

Founder and Chairman,

Loh Boon Chye

Chief Executive Officer of
Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX)

Lu Ming

Head of Asia Pacific,
Kohiberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

Lin Yanjun

Executive Director, 9F Inc.
CEO, 9F International

Xu Bing

Sense Time


Friday, September 20

12:00 — 13:45

ZHOU XiaochuanPresident, China Society for Finance and Banking; Former Governor, People's Bank of China

Robert ZOELLICKFormer President, World Bank

LI Xin Vice President, Caixin Media; Managing Director, Caixin Global

Huang Qifan Executive Vice President, China International Economic Exchange Centre

HONG Xiaoyong Chinese Ambassador to Singapore

FANG Fenglei Chairman and Founder, Hopu Investment Management Co Ltd

ZHANG Yong Chairman, Haidilao International Holding Ltd.

ZHANG Lei Founder and CEO, Hillhouse Capital Group

LU Ming Head of Asia Pacific, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

LOH Boon Chye Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Exchange Limited

Vincent LOY Assistant Managing Director (Technology), Monetary Authority of Singapore

Toshinori DOI Director, ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic Research Office

Margaret REN China Executive and Chairman, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

CAO Li Vice President, Boao Forum Asia Academy

MAO Ning Deputy Director-General, Department of Asian Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China

TAN Kiat How Chief Executive, Infocomm Media Development Authority, Singapore

Alain CARRIER Senior Managing Director and Head of International, Head of Europe, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

LING Hai Co-President for Asia Pacific, Mastercard

MA Ning Founding Partner, Lingfeng Capital

Vandita PANT Chief Commercial Officer, BHP Billiton

Kishore MOORJANI Senior Managing Director, Tactical Opportunities at The Blackstone Group LP

Ronald LIU Managing Director, Temasek China

LIN Yanjun Executive Director, 9F Inc.; CEO, 9F International

GUO Sheng Chief Executive Officer, Zhaopin Ltd.

MEI Yan Senior Partner, Chair of China, Brunswick Group

JIANG Hai Chairman, Sichuan XWBank

XU Bing Co-founder, SenseTime

TAN Wee Theng Founder, TZCore Ltd

KOH Tuck Lye Co-founder and CEO, Shunwei Capital

14:00 — 14:05

ZHANG Lihui Executive President, Caixin Media

14:05 — 14:20

Robert ZOELLICK Former President, World Bank

14:20 — 15:10

Asia has seen explosive growth in financial technologies, with China at the forefront due to its domestic tech giants’ fierce competition and its rapidly expanding middle class. Already deeply entrenched in their saturated home market, Chinese companies have started targeting local users outside the Chinese mainland, making its Asia-Pacific neighbors a promising Fintech hub in the near future. The rapid rise of the Fintech industry has posed an unprecedented challenge to the traditional financial industry, as well as to regulators, who have struggled to calibrate their oversight over stability, security and user privacy.
- How can policymakers strike a balance between regulation and innovation in the Fintech industry?
- How can regulators contain the “winner-takes-all” style of expansion by leading internet firms which may undermine competition and hinder innovation?
- How can private Fintech companies give greater consideration to the public good when building financial infrastructure?
- What can initiatives such as virtual banking and open banking bring about to build an extended financial services ecosystem?
- How can regional countries enhance financial connectivity and regulatory coordination to maximize the benefit of financial innovation while mitigating the potential risks?

Vincent LOY Assistant Managing Director (Technology), Monetary Authority of Singapore

LU Ming Head of Asia Pacific, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

LIN YanjunExecutive Director, 9F Inc.; CEO, 9F International

LI Xin Vice President, Caixin Media; Managing Director, Caixin Global

15:10 — 16:00

Technology is booming in Asia. Tech companies in the region have transformed from followers to trendsetters, leveraging digital innovations such as big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to foster economic growth and social inclusion. A sharp rise in venture capital and private equity investment has helped produce the region’s first set of unicorns. It’s estimated that total venture capital investment in Southeast Asia tech companies hit $3.4bn in the first six months of 2019, up more than 300 per cent from the same period a year ago. About $4.8bn in M&A deals in tech were done in the first half of the year, running at a quicker clip than in 2018, during which a total of $6.1bn in deals were done.
- How can companies make tech accessible by the many and improve well-being in such areas as education, healthcare and eldercare?
- How can investors identify technological innovations that are transforming business landscape?
- How can tech companies make the use of data reliable and ethical?
- How will tech companies tackle barriers in trade, investment, regulation, among others, as they expand international footprint?
- How should tech companies adopt and invest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to ensuring quality and sustainability of growth?

XU BingCo-founder, SenseTime

JIANG HaiChairman, Sichuan XWBank

CHEW SutatSenior Managing Director, Head of Global Sales & Origination, Singapore Exchange Limited

MA NingFounding Partner, Lingfeng Capital

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