Sep 26, 2019 07:46 PM

Chart of the Day: 5G Era Shifts to High Gear With New Phone Launches

The 5G era has kicked off in recent weeks, with nearly every major brand unveiling new products with all the latest bells and whistles. The introduction of such models by the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Oppo are considered the last piece in the 5G puzzle, since their ability to process the technology’s super-fast data flows officially allow state-of-the-art networks to come to life.

China is at the heart of the 5G revolution, playing home to four of the world’s top six smartphone vendors — Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi. Huawei and smaller rival ZTE are also at the forefront of the 5G back-end, manufacturing the equipment that provides the backbone for networks being built worldwide. Such networks began going live earlier this year, and China is currently trialing such service.

Despite the 5G buzz, the greatest attention and fanfare in the recent wave of product launches has gone to Apple’s newest iPhones — the only debutantes without 5G capabilities. The iPhone 11, which quickly became known for its triple-rear-lens camera design, went on sale in China last Friday to generally strong demand.

Huawei unveiled its 5G-enabled Mate 20 series the same day as the Apple launch. But unlike Apple, Huawei didn’t give any launch date for its newest models, which use the Android operating system developed by Google. And while many were wowed by the many features of the Mate 20 series, equal numbers were quick to point out the phones would be heavily hobbled by U.S. sanctions that will make downloading new apps difficult outside of China.

Not to be excluded from the frenzy, Xiaomi also staged an event in Beijing this week where it introduced the 5G-capable Mi 9 Pro, though to a far more local reception. Global leader Samsung, as well as Chinese heavyweights Oppo and Vivo, have all also released new 5G models in anticipation of strong demand for the new technology. The following charts look at how the new slew of models stack up against each other.


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