Oct 06, 2020 08:30 AM

Holiday Podcast Long Reads — When China’s Economy Meets Its Biggest Social Issues

Every week Caixin Global profiles some of its best journalism in the weekend “long reads” podcasts. Some of the most important subjects we covered in 2020 were significant pressure points where the economy meets social issues. For example, our long reads have not just covered the important issue of healthcare reform but explored the issue of a sector in crisis through the apparent suicide of a Wuhan nurse. Similarly, as the role of artificial intelligence has grown in the economy we’ve looked at how it is affecting the country’s growing army of delivery drivers. Below are five of my favorite long read podcasts from this year covering some of China’s biggest social issues and how they’ve been impacted by the country’s ever-changing economy.

- Marcus Ryder, Executive Producer - New Media

Saturday Long Read: In Depth: Wuhan Nurse's Apparent Suicide Highlights Profession in Crisis (first broadcast Sept. 26, 2020)

In this episode we look into how a suspected death by suicide leads back to work conditions in a harried profession that was at the frontline of fighting Covid-19 in the central Chinese city.

Saturday Long Read - In Depth: Driven by Algorithms, Food Giants' Delivery Riders Win Small Reprieve (first broadcast Sept. 12, 2020)

Media exposure forces Meituan and to ease tight deadlines after revelations of drivers being maimed or killed while racing against the clock to deliver orders.

Long Read Special: Residents Pay in Government Rush to Demolish Hundreds of Villages by Year End (first broadcast Aug. 28, 2020)

Authorities say large numbers of small villages hinder the development of the countryside, but others have decried what they see as low compensation, coercive official tactics and the destruction of rural communities.

Sunday Long Read: A Remote Region’s Fragile Victory Over Poverty (first broadcast Jul. 26, 2020)

As part of a national drive to end poverty, Liangshan has been lavished with resources and financial support. However, some fear what will happen when the campaign ends and warn that region’s economic transformation has not been built on a solid foundation.

Saturday Long Read: Decoding China’s First Civil Code (first broadcast Jun. 6, 2020)

Today’s episode explores how this new, sweeping legislation spells out the rights of 1.4 billion people to their own personalities, property, privacy, marriage, divorce, and inheritances.

Cover Story: Why TikTok May Be Back to Square One With Trump (first broadcast Sept. 28, 2020)

A U.S. judge temporarily blocked a key part of Trump’s ban on Sunday, even as ByteDance has yet to form a plan that would satisfy either Washington or Beijing.

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