Trouble at TikTok

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ByteDance’s wildly popular short video app has gotten caught up in U.S.-China tensions, with Washington worried that personal data on TikTok’s 100 million U.S. users could fall into Beijing’s hands.

Cover Story: Will TikTok Be the Next Huawei?

Founder Zhang Yiming’s efforts to defuse rising political pressures fail to gain traction as U.S. moves to follow India in banning the popular video app citing data security concerns

09 18, 2021 02:43 AM

Tencent Opens WeChat to Rivals’ Links as China App Walls Crumble

Response to government demands for opening up is expected to spread to Alibaba, ByteDance and other Chinese tech giants

09 16, 2021 04:05 AM

TikTok Faces EU Data Probes Into Children’s Safety and China Link

Ireland’s data regulator, the ByteDance unit’s chief European watchdog, looks into kids’ data processing and use of data in China

09 15, 2021 19:56 PM

Chinese Internet Firms Told to Tear Down ‘Walls’ That Block Links to Rivals

The practice of turning platforms into ‘walled gardens’ is common, with some of the biggest players also the biggest offenders

09 14, 2021 20:16 PM

Tech Insider: Ximalaya Revives Listing Push Amid Crackdown, Huawei’s Retro Turn, New Robot Unicorn

Meituan reveals how it sets delivery times, Baidu brings robotaxis to Shanghai

09 10, 2021 20:12 PM

Tech Insider: Tesla Wannabe Xpeng Reveals Robotics Ambition, Chip Specialist Rivai Gets Funding From Bytedance

Tech Insider: Tesla Wannabe Xpeng Reveals Robotics Ambition, Chip Specialist Rivai Gets Funding From Bytedance

09 07, 2021 09:42 AM

CX Daily: Rescuing China’s Would-Be Chipmaking Champion

China’s support for the private economy has not changed and will not change in the future, Vice Premier Liu He says

09 06, 2021 20:28 PM Founder Hands Over Day-to-Day, but Retains Stranglehold on Overall Control

Richard Liu is the latest tycoon to step back and announce government-aligned philanthropic goals

09 03, 2021 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Fell 0.43% on Friday

Shenzhen Component Index closed down 0.68%

09 03, 2021 09:49 AM

CX Daily: The Congo Mine That Could Feed China’s Vast Hunger For Copper

China-U.S. tensions jeopardize cooperation on climate change, Wang Yi says. Hainan province will promote the establishment of an international carbon trading exchange

09 02, 2021 20:31 PM

ByteDance to Scale Back Fintech Business Amid Regulatory Headwinds

The owner of TikTok and Douyin also plans to sell its securities brokerage business

09 02, 2021 09:56 AM

CX Daily: How China Won Its 70-Year Battle With Malaria

Activity in China’s manufacturing sector contracts, Caixin data shows. Ping An’s fintech unit denies offering bribes to government officials

09 01, 2021 14:56 PM

China Hedge Funds Pay $300,000 to Beat Wall Street to Best Graduates

Graduates are in particular demand at funds which use computer models to trade, which have been lifted by inflows from rich individuals in the world’s second-biggest economy

09 01, 2021 06:14 AM

ByteDance Workers Take a 20% Pay Hit as Sunday Overtime Ends

While tech giants are under government pressure to ease grueling work schedules, employees worry they’ll be stuck with the same workload for less income

08 31, 2021 09:56 AM

CX Daily: The Herculean Task Of Bailing Out Huarong

China’s central bank puts a financial fraud label on promotion of financial products with guaranteed principal and high returns

08 30, 2021 20:40 PM

ByteDance Acquires China’s Largest Virtual Reality Headset Maker

Purchase of Pico Interactive parallels the move by social networking giant Facebook to acquire VR-headset maker Oculus in 2014

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