Trouble at TikTok

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ByteDance’s wildly popular short video app has gotten caught up in U.S.-China tensions, with Washington worried that personal data on TikTok’s 100 million U.S. users could fall into Beijing’s hands.

Cover Story: Will TikTok Be the Next Huawei?

Founder Zhang Yiming’s efforts to defuse rising political pressures fail to gain traction as U.S. moves to follow India in banning the popular video app citing data security concerns

07 21, 2021 20:57 PM

In Depth: What’s Darkening the Skies for Huawei and China’s Cloud Kingpins?

Domestic clients turning into competitors and the encroachment of foreign giants are threatening the sky-high growth of Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei’s cloud businesses

07 20, 2021 21:13 PM

Cover Story: The Rocky Path Facing Chinese Companies Tapping U.S. Markets

New requirements for government cybersecurity reviews in proposed IPOs adds to headwinds for tech companies seeking foreign share sales

07 16, 2021 22:33 PM

Cover Series: Didi Probe Has Domino Effect on China Tech’s Overseas IPO Plans (Part 4)

Chill has spread throughout the sector, as tough new regulations appear on the horizon

07 16, 2021 22:32 PM

Exclusive: China’s Fintech Giants Get Until End 2022 to Overhaul Credit Reporting Business

Regulators are in talks with the companies to come up with a ‘compliant’ business model, PBOC source says

07 14, 2021 07:59 AM

Didi Backer Temasek Optimistic on China Amid Tech Crackdown

Singapore state investment fund with more China assets than any other country racks up 25% return in latest fiscal year

06 18, 2021 17:49 PM

TikTok Rival Kuaishou Takes Market Cap Crown Among New IPOs

Newly listed Chinese companies take nine of top 10 spots in Asia, with South Korea’s Coupang the sole exception

06 18, 2021 07:27 AM

TikTok Owner ByteDance’s 2020 Revenue More Than Doubles

World’s most valuable tech startup tells employees it had red ink for last year without explaining why 2019’s profits evaporated

06 17, 2021 07:37 AM

Chinese Brands Top Euro 2020 Sponsorship

Hisense, Alipay, Vivo and TikTok aim to raise their visibility in Europe by backing the pandemic-delayed European soccer tournament

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