Trouble at TikTok

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ByteDance’s wildly popular short video app has gotten caught up in U.S.-China tensions, with Washington worried that personal data on TikTok’s 100 million U.S. users could fall into Beijing’s hands.

Cover Story: Will TikTok Be the Next Huawei?

Founder Zhang Yiming’s efforts to defuse rising political pressures fail to gain traction as U.S. moves to follow India in banning the popular video app citing data security concerns

12 04, 2020 20:15 PM

In Depth: IPO-Bound TikTok Rival Kuaishou Continues to Play Second Fiddle

Kuaishou Technology is on track to beat ByteDance to a public listing, but that’s just about the only metric the company is leading on

11 26, 2020 14:30 PM

Singapore Pushes Digibanks in Face of China, U.S. Crackdown

Country’s financial regulator will stick with its plans to award licenses by the end of this year

11 25, 2020 19:53 PM

China Calls for Fair Treatment After India’s Latest Ban on Chinese Apps

Relations between the Asian giants’ remain cold after border clashes turned bloody this summer

11 20, 2020 20:26 PM

Caixin Summit: Equity Chief Who Backed Lenovo’s Global Push Still Bullish on China

Bill Ford hopes the Biden administration will recognize U.S., China will stay intertwined for years to come

11 20, 2020 05:38 AM

China’s Joyy Accuses Muddy Waters of ‘Ignorance’

After short seller publishes report driving Joyy shares down, livestreaming video giant says Muddy Waters misunderstands its business

11 19, 2020 14:09 PM

China Video Giant Joyy Dives After Muddy Waters Calls It a Fraud

In a 71-page report, short seller alleges evidence of revenue inflation, mismatches with local credit reports, and payments originating from company servers

11 18, 2020 09:25 AM

CX Daily: Huawei Sells Smartphone Brand Honor

A state-backed Chinese chipmaker defaults on its debt. Plus, fewer Chinese students choose to study at American universities

11 17, 2020 20:56 PM

Baidu Hopes $3.6 Billion Livestreaming Deal Will Boost Its Stagnant Revenue

Takeover gives search giant access to 4.1 million paying users as it struggles against upstarts like TikTok-maker ByteDance

11 13, 2020 09:16 AM

CX Daily: ChiNext Rejects First IPO Applicant Since Listing Revamp

15 countries including China are expected to sign a mega trade deal this weekend. Plus, American Airlines restarts flights to China

11 13, 2020 03:58 AM

Tencent Sales Top Estimates in Sign the Gaming Boom Persists

Shares jump 4.7% as 3rd-quarter results reassure investors the online giant may be less vulnerable to fintech crackdown than rivals

11 12, 2020 20:22 PM

Baidu Takes Aim at ByteDance, Tencent With Internal Video Merger

Search giant combines Haokan and Quanmin to get bigger share of $19.3 billion market

11 12, 2020 06:40 AM

ByteDance Asks U.S. Court to Intervene in Forced TikTok Sale

Trump administration goes radio silent after election leaving resolution talks in limbo as Thursday divestiture deadline looms

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