Jun 16, 2021 07:32 PM

China Boosts Oversight Over Extracurricular Education, Livestreamers Face Prison for Selling Fake Goods

Here’s today’s ranking of the top 10 most-read domestic stories in China, in economics, finance and current affairs. We want to help give you a sense of what’s trending in the Chinese language sphere.

Internet users continue to follow the gas explosion in Central China which killed 25 people. They are also paying attention to the upcoming launch of the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft.

1.China to boost oversight of extracurricular education

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Education issued a notice (external source, in Chinese) saying it would draw up standards for establishment of extracurricular education institutions, their curriculums, teaching hours, staff qualifications and fees.

2.Three crew set for China’s Shenzhou-12

China plans to launch the Shenzhou-12 at 9:22 am on Thursday from Jiuquan in northwestern Gansu province, the China Manned Space Agency said on Wednesday. Details about the three astronauts — Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming, and Tang Hongbo — were also announced.


From left Tang Hongbo, Nie Haisheng and Liu Boming. Photo: Xinhua

3.China investigates illegal discharge of cargo residues from foreign ships

A foreign vessel is suspected of illegally discharging (external source, in Chinese) residual iron ore powder from its deck into the sea while anchoring in the waters off Xiamen, a city in East China.

4.Death toll in China’s gas explosion rises to 25

The death toll from a gas explosion in Central China’s Hubei province has climbed to 25, local authorities said Monday evening. The explosion occurred in a residential neighborhood of the city of Shiyan on Sunday. Over 100 people were injured.

5.Guangzhou to lift the lockdown restrictions in 11 areas

The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou lifted lockdowns in 11 areas of five districts as the spread of Covid-19 eases in the city. The areas include both residential neighborhoods and workplaces, which were closed early June after Covid-19 cases were found there or in nearby areas.

6.Box office hits a low during Dragon Boat Festival holiday

The box office during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday last week stood at about 463 million yuan ($72.3 million), a low for the holiday. The industry was expecting this year’s box office to break the 1 billion yuan mark.

7.Didi says over 500 million yuan of compensation paid to drivers last year

Didi, Chinese ride-hailing services provider, said on Weibo (external source, in Chinese) yesterday that a total of more than 500 million yuan of compensation for lost income was awarded to drivers in 2020. The company also announced a program to be piloted in multiple cities in China, where the platform won’t charge a commission on all carpool orders between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. on weekdays.

8.E-commerce livestreamers which sell fake products face decade behind bars

According to the state-owned Legal Daily, livestreamers who promote counterfeit goods could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison (external source, in Chinese). In addition, livestreamers who falsely advertise or defraud consumers will also be liable for civil damages.

9.China holds first drill to celebrate Communist Party’s 100th anniversary

Last weekend, the first comprehensive drill was held (external source, in Chinese) on Tiananmen Square to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, with more than 14,000 people participating in the drill and on-site security.

10.62,000 Taiwanese get vaccinated on Chinese mainland

Ma Xiaoguang, the spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office (external source, in Chinese), said that 62,000 Taiwanese have been vaccinated on the Chinese mainland as of May 31.

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Translated by intern reporter Chen Bingyi

The daily ranking of most read news stories among Chinese people, about China and global affairs, is jointly provided to you by Caixin Insight and HANA Data, an artificial intelligence technology team.

The key indicators calculated on the list are based on mass data sourced from China’s mainstream social media platforms and online news websites. Click here for a detailed introduction of our methodology.

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