Jun 23, 2021 08:28 PM

Top ‘Gaokao’ Scorers Banned From Brand Spokesperson Jobs, the Cost of Phone Scams, After-School Service Hours

Here is today’s ranking of the 10 most-read domestic stories in China, in economics, finance and current affairs. While these headlines can help give you a sense of what’s trending in the Chinese language sphere, the veracity and accuracy of the headlines hasn’t been independently verified by Caixin.

Internet users continue to pay attention to the country’s crypto crackdown, with Alipay becoming the latest company to ban cryptocurrency transactions. They are also interested in Hainan’s efforts to stop itself from turning into a “tax haven”

1.Education bureau bans ‘gaokao’ score worship

China’s Ministry of Education has barred companies from making spokespeople out of top scorers on this year’s national college entrance exams, or “gaokao,” the results of which will be released soon.

2.Vast garbage patch reappears on Tibetan Plateau

A huge garbage patch (external source, in Chinese) covering nearly an acre of a nature reserve has reappeared in the Hoh Xil region of the Tibetan Plateau. In 2019, the Economic Observer reported on the garbage accumulation in the reserve, and it was cleaned up by the local government.

3.Media report exposes human trafficking gangs

State broadcaster CCTV has exposed (external source, in Chinese) human trafficking gangs that lure people with offers of high-paid jobs overseas, only to get them involved in “fraudulent and illegal activities.” Since 2020, police and immigration authorities have busted over 450 gangs of human traffickers.

4.Hainan won’t turn into an offshore tax haven, governor says

China’s southern province of Hainan has pledged to step up scrutiny to prevent companies from using incentives to evade taxes after the central government unveiled plans to transform the tropical island into a free trade port. "We will not let the Hainan free trade port become a tax haven," provincial governor Feng Fei said Monday.

5.One county in China makes one-third of the traditional Hanfu clothing sold

Cao County in East China’s Shandong province accounts for (external source, in Chinese) about one-third of traditional clothes or “hanfu,” sold by value. Local merchants sell 1.9 billion yuan ($300 million) worth of the Chinese costumes each year. One merchant said it was easy to earn over 10,000 yuan a day.

6.Hopes high for paid paternity leave

The state-owned People’s Daily published (external source, in Chinese) an article on Monday advocating improvements to maternity leave and the maternity insurance system, measures believed to help promote the implementation of the three-child policy. The article gives five suggestions, including providing paid paternity leave for at least one month.

7.A team of space scientists visit Hong Kong

On Tuesday, a team of scientists responsible for China’s major space projects arrived in Hong Kong (external source, in Chinese) for a five-day visit. The scientists will give lectures at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the University of Hong Kong, and six high schools.

8.Alipay bans cryptocurrency transactions

Alipay stated on Monday that it is banning transactions in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The company said it will continue to monitor and investigate transactions involving cryptocurrencies and establish an inspection system for key websites and accounts, which will be blocked immediately upon discovery.

9.Phone fraud caused 35.37 billion yuan losses in 2020

Phone fraud in China caused an estimated 35.37 billion yuan (external source, in Chinese) in financial losses last year.

10.Ministry of Education guarantees hours for after-school services

The Ministry of Education plans to require primary and secondary schools to guarantee that after-school services, like those for students with special needs, will remain available for at least a half hour after the school normal operating hours.

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Translated by intern reporter Chen Bingyi

The daily ranking of most read news stories among Chinese people, about China and global affairs, is jointly provided to you by Caixin Insight and HANA Data, an artificial intelligence technology team.

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