Jul 22, 2022 10:30 AM

Weekly Must-Read: Suppliers of Delinquent Developers Complain They Can’t Pay Their Bill

Construction workers at a bridge project in Liupanshui, Guizhou province, on June 15. Photo: VCG 
Construction workers at a bridge project in Liupanshui, Guizhou province, on June 15. Photo: VCG 

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# Business #

Suppliers of Delinquent Developers Complain They Can’t Pay Their Bills

Hundreds of landscapers, construction companies and other suppliers to China’s real estate industry say builders still owe them money

In Depth: Why China Still Doesn’t Have an mRNA Shot

In a race to develop advanced Covid inoculations, Chinese vaccine-makers lack technical expertise, ingredients, production equipment and delivery system

China Debuts $3 Billion State Iron Ore Giant

China Mineral Resources Group consolidates investments in foreign resources and global purchases of steelmaking materials

# Cover Story #

Will a Barrier to the Yangtze River Save Poyang Lake?

Authorities consider multibillion-dollar water-control system amid dispute whether dramatic winter shrinkage is because of Three Gorges Dam or sand mining

# Finance #

Exclusive: U.K. Bank Seeks Investors for Stalled Chinese-Backed London Development

The city’s government seized the stalled project from embattled Chinese developer ABP

Temasek Focuses on China’s Micro-Level Growth Trends, Head of China Says

Wu Yibing says the Singapore state-owned investor chiefly invests in four Chinese sectors — digitalization, sustainability, life sciences and new consumption — representing at least half of China’s GDP

# Economy #

In Depth: China Doubles Down on Infrastructure to Spur Growth

As the government ramps up infrastructure investment to aid the country’s ailing economy, green power, new tech and water conservancy projects stand to benefit

Five Things to Know About Chinese Policy Banks’ Latest $45 Billion Infrastructure Stimulus

The stimulus could in theory leverage as much as 1.2 trillion yuan in credit from the market, economists say

# Tech #

Huawei Steps Up Debt Financing With $593 Million Onshore Bond Sale

Fourth domestic round of borrowing this year shows the Chinese telecom giant’s shift away from tapping foreign credit markets

# China #

In Depth: China’s Primary Health Care on the Front Line Against Covid

The demands of the pandemic have further stressed a frontline medical system already suffering from insufficient funding and shrinking resources. The result has been a brain drain of its best and brightest

Primary Care’s Shrinking Share of Patients

Despite government efforts to promote frontline health care in China, the number of facilities is falling even as the number of big hospitals is on the rise

# Opinion #

Promoting the Integration of Migrant Workers Into Cities

The mismatch between supply and demand in household registration has become the most acute issue in the urbanization process

# Gallery #

Gallery: Star Skater Yuzuru Hanyu Retires

# Weekend Long Read #

The Asian Financial Crisis 25 Years On

Many of the reforms triggered by the crisis made economic growth more sustainable and more resilient in the region, with stronger banks, more reserves and much stronger supervision

# Podcast #

Shanghai Orders Employers Not to Shun Recovered Covid Job Hunters

Work vacancy posts say candidates who have tested positive will be rejected

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