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Weekly Must-Read: Why the Scientific Revolution Did Not Occur in China

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# Weekend Long Read #

Why the Scientific Revolution Did Not Occur in China

For centuries, the country was a world leader in technology and its intellectuals were great at solving practical problems. However, they lacked interest in abstract theory

# Cover Story #

China’s Steel Industry at a Crossroads as Long Winter Looms

Property market crisis and slowing economic growth have slashed demand and turned profits into mounting losses

# Finance #

Caixin Explains: Why U.S.-Traded Chinese Firms Are Choosing Dual Primary Listings in Hong Kong

Chinese companies are hedging their bets over whether the two countries can really resolve a regulatory row over audits by taking advantage of new rules in the city that allow for a primary listing in both markets

HKEX Mulls Speeding Up Reviews for Homecoming Listings

Chinese companies threatened with being kicked out of the U.S. represent an opportunity for Hong Kong, exchange’s chairwoman says

# Business #

How New U.S. Chip Restrictions Could Hit China’s Smart Car and Cloud Firms

Firms’ reliance on Nvidia and AMD chips leaves them exposed to Washington’s latest effort to prevent China accessing its semiconductor technology

In Depth: Chinese Game Companies Hope to Rack Up High Scores Overseas

Firms are setting ambitious targets, as a sluggish domestic economy and regulatory crackdown dampen growth at home

# Tech #

Pinduoduo Takes Aim At U.S. With Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

China’s No. 3 player might find success in replicating its strategy of focusing on lower-income consumers, analysts say

# Economy #

China’s Property Sales Extend Slump Amid Vicious Cycle

Total sales at the top 100 developers fell 32.9% to $75 billion in August

# China #

In Depth: The Weak Link in China’s New-Energy Power Plan: Weather

Sichuan electricity shortage this summer exposes a major challenge as China pushes for wind, solar and hydro to offset greenhouse gas-emitting coal

China’s Marriage Slump Poses Threat to Economic Growth

The country registered 7.64 million new marriages in 2021, the fewest since records began in 1986

# World #

Analysis: Mar-a-Lago Raid Has Bolstered Trump’s Position in the Republican Party, Experts Say

The probe could hurt Democrats in upcoming polls as Trump’s diehard supporters are emboldened and moderate voters watch closely

# Opinion #

Why Hong Kong Won’t Break Its U.S. Dollar Peg

Concerns that the currency’s link to the U.S. dollar will break are overblown, but the impact on the city’s already weak economy deserves attention

# Gallery #

Sichuan Hit by Biggest Quake Since Wenchuan

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