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Timeline of Sexual Assaults Involving Didi Drivers

A 20-year-old woman surnamed Zhao on Friday was reportedly raped and killed by her driver while using the carpooling service of China’s dominant ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing. The incident was far from the first time a Didi user has been the victim of a crime, particularly sexual assault. The following is a short timeline of crimes that Didi drivers have been convicted of.

May 6, Zhengzhou, Henan province

A flight attendant named Li Mingzhu was killed by Didi driver Liu Zhenhua as she took a ride early on May 6. Li, 21, sent messages to her friend saying the driver said he wanted to kiss her because she was very beautiful. Later, police found Li stabbed to death. The driver, Liu, was found drowned in a river six days later.

Sept. 17, 2017, Chongqing

Driver Fu Xing and a passenger surnamed Li shared phone numbers after a ride. Li called Fu the next day to drive her to the train station. During the journey, Fu locked the doors and tried to have sex with Li. Fu was convicted of rape and sentenced to one year and three months in prison.

Aug. 28, 2017 — Chengdu, Sichuan province

Wang Long picked his victim, surnamed Fu, and while chatting with her during the drive he learned that she would be alone after arriving home. Wang went to Fu’s home under the pretense of needing to use the toilet and unsuccessfully tried to force Fu to have sex with him. Wang was convicted of rape and sentenced to two years in prison.

May 26, 2017 — Fuzhou, Fujian province

Wu Minghai took two girls surnamed Guo, 15, and Chen, 14, in a Didi taxi to Fuzhou. After having dinner together, Wu forced Chen to have sex with him. Wu was convicted of rape and sentenced to 11 years in prison.

May 14, 2017, Chongqing

Zhou Hang picked the 30-year-old female victim, surnamed Gan, and they then quarreled in the car as Zhou as was late and unsure of the route. Zhou then used a kite string to strangle Gan. He continued driving through Chongqing, later dumping her beside a road. Zhou was convicted of intentional homicide and sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve.

May 14, 2017, Nantong, Jiangsu province

Zhang called a car on the Didi mobile app while she was drunk. After taking her home, Wang Yucheng entered her home and forced her to have sex with him. Wang was convicted of rape and sentenced to three years and nine months in prison.

April 13, 2017, Chongqing

Zhang Fan picked up a woman surnamed Wang and tried to rape her during the journey. Zhang was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison.

Aug. 26, 2016, Yantai, Shandong province

Defendant Zhang Weixing used Didi app to pick a female rider. He took the victim to a seaside parking lot and demanded she have sex with him. Zhang was sentenced to four years in prison.

July 23, 2016, Ningbo, Zhejiang province

Sha Chaolei picked up a woman surnamed Zhang through the Didi app. During the ride, Sha took Zhang in to a remote place and raped her. Sha was sentenced to one year in prison.

July 2016, Harbin, Heilongjiang province

Driver Sun Jiaxi met his 21-year-old victim Shang through the Didi. The next day, Sun raped Shang in a workshop. Sun was convicted of rape and sentenced to seven years in prison.

June 17, 2016, Yulin, Shaanxi province

Liu, a Didi driver, saw a sixth-grader also called Liu on the roadside and offered her a free ride. He then took her to a hotel and raped her. Liu was convicted of rape and sentenced to four years in prison.

May 2016, Foshan, Guangdong province

The driver, Li, drove his female victim, Yang, to a warehouse in an industrial area. Li attempted to rape Yang and asked Yang to masturbate. Li filmed the incident. Li was convicted of rape and sentenced to one year in prison.

Jan. 16, 2016, Renshou county, Sichuan

Driver Song Li attempted to rape his passenger, Xu, while taking her to Renshou county. Song was sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

February 2015, Langfang, Hebei province

The victim, surnamed Kou, and Pang Moujia, the driver, became friends on WeChat after a trip. On March 12, Pang asked Kou to have a meal together, and then made an excuse to drive her to his home. He then attempted to rape her. Pang was convicted of rape and sentenced to two years in prison.

Translated by Yu Bokun

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