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By Teng Jing Xuan / Dec 07, 2018 06:19 PM / Society & Culture

"Huge baby" is one of the terms that went viral this year. Photo: VCG

What did 1.4 billion people chat about in 2018? Current affairs and the internet, according to a list of China’s top 10 words of the year published Friday.

“Import Expo” (进博会) — referring to the inaugural trade fair held in Shanghai this year — makes the list. So do “consumption downgrade” (消费降级) and “livestream quiz” (直播答题), referring to an online trivia mania that emerged in January.

The list was published by China’s National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center. But Yaowen Jiaozi, a Shanghai linguistics magazine known for pointing out pronunciation errors by state media presenters, has also published its own list.

It includes terms like “Huge Baby” (巨婴), a slang term that refers to self-centered adults who haven’t left the “infant stage” and have “no moral restraint.” Yaowen Jiaozi even gave an example: the “high-speed rail seat hog” of Aug. 21, a man in a viral video who refused to let a train passenger sit in the seat she had booked.

Another one of the magazine’s top ten entries is “Waiter” (店小二), which took on a new meaning this year when officials suggested that the government should be like a helpful “waiter” providing services to businesses.

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