China-U.S. Rivalry

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China and the United States, the world's two largest economies, have been engaging in a tense competition for geopolitical, economic and tech supremacy.

Wang Jisi: How China and the U.S. Can Prevent Further Damage From Their Mutual Distrust

For talk to bear fruit, it is essential that both sides first work harder to understand each other’s mindset

07 29, 2021 15:33 PM

Chips, Cars Power Southeast Asian Exports Beyond Pre-Covid Levels

Economic recoveries in the U.S. and China raise demand for the region’s products, but mounting pandemic threatens to undermine the turnaround

07 29, 2021 15:03 PM

Shanghai Composite Index Rose 1.49% on Thursday

Shenzhen Component Index closed up 3.04%

07 29, 2021 14:07 PM

China Injects Short-Term Cash After Crackdowns Spook Markets

PBOC adds 30 billion yuan of liquidity into the financial system with seven-day reverse repos, raising it from 10 billion yuan for the first time since June 30

07 29, 2021 10:20 AM

CX Daily: The Fall Of China’s Last Bitcoin Mining Haven

The U.S. is not seeking confrontation with China, the Pentagon chief reaffirms. China calls on Taliban to cut all ties with terrorists.

07 29, 2021 07:35 AM

Chinese Drug Developer I-Mab Proceeds With Shanghai Dual Listing

Share sale on STAR Market planned for next year, expanding investor base to China in addition to New York listing

07 28, 2021 22:08 PM

Opinion: The Who, What and Why of China’s Regulatory Campaign

Seven types of companies are in the firing line, including those viewed as ‘too big to fail.’ Overseas investors need to start to understand the government’s rationale

07 28, 2021 21:10 PM

Huawei Removes Director at Autonomous Driving Unit Over Tesla Safety Remarks

The senior executive had stated the U.S. automaker’s self-driving feature had a ‘high accident rate’ resulting in the ‘killing’ of passengers

07 28, 2021 20:40 PM

China Calls on Taliban to Cut All Ties With Terrorists

Foreign Minister Wang Yi says the Afghan organization is expected to play an important role in regional security at a meeting with a visiting delegation in Tianjin

07 28, 2021 20:11 PM

Henan Braces for Typhoon After Deadly Floods, Tangshan Earthquake Anniversary, Nanjing’s Growing Covid Outbreak

China’s foreign minister urges U.S. to lift sanctions, visa restrictions on Chinese citizens, and Shanghai relocates more than 350,000 due to Typhoon In-Fa

07 28, 2021 20:01 PM

In Depth: The Fall of China’s Last Bitcoin Mining Haven

A manager and an investor of a Sichuan Bitcoin mining farm told Caixin about how they had been building their wealth during China’s crypto gold rush — and now they couldn’t do that anymore

07 28, 2021 17:25 PM

Fisher: When It Comes to Picking China Stocks These Days, Boring Is Best

Now is the time to shun IPOs and stick with big, high-quality growth companies as their strong balance sheets, fat profit margins and market clout can weather the storm

07 28, 2021 16:20 PM

Chinese Bike-Sharing Startup Hello Scraps Plans for U.S. IPO

Cancellation comes as Beijing tightens rules on overseas listings by Chinese firms

07 28, 2021 15:47 PM

U.S. Is Not Seeking Confrontation With China, Pentagon Chief Reaffirms 

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says Washington would challenge Beijing's assertive actions in the Asia-Pacific

07 28, 2021 15:16 PM

China Bond Bulls Unfazed by Recent Market Sell-Off

Risk aversion swept the country and spread globally this week after a crackdown on private-education firms, but its sovereign securities remain the best performers in the world

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