Sep 10, 2022 07:30 PM

Xinjiang Authorities Apologize For Lack of Access to Medical Care, Food

What’s new: Local authorities in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region have apologized after facing public outcry over food shortages, lack of medical care and other problems caused by strict Covid lockdowns.

The Ili Kazakh autonomous prefecture’s deputy governor, Liu Qinghua, admitted at a Friday press conference that some locals have experienced trouble seeking hospital treatment.

The prefecture government “apologized deeply for the impact and inconvenience brought (by Covid control measures) to people’s lives,” and would immediately rectify the situation to ensure people have access to medical services, Liu said.

Meanwhile, Korla city’s Deputy Party Secretary Wang Qingyu said that some residential communities have faced problems such as lack of essential supplies and soaring food prices due partly to the city government’s slow Covid response.

The government will do more to ensure adequate supplies for locked-down residents, said Wang.

The background: Earlier this week, many residents in Ili Kazakh’s Yining city and Korla claimed on Chinese social media that they were having difficulty accessing daily supplies and medical care. Others said food prices had been jacked up by suppliers or that the quality of food distributed by residential committees was poor.

Korla has been in lockdown for nearly a month while residents in Yining are also subject to restrictions on their movement as authorities battle a fresh Covid outbreak. Xinjiang has reported nearly 6,000 Covid cases since July 30, according to health authorities.

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