Jul 05, 2021 09:34 PM

Xi to Give Keynote Speech at Parties Summit, Didi Ordered Off App Stores, Chinese Astronauts in Space

Here is today’s ranking of the 10 most-read news stories in China, in economics, finance and current affairs, to help give you a sense of what’s trending in the Chinese language sphere.

Chinese social media users have been following the removal of ride-hailing giant Didi from app stores. They have also taken an interest in the investigation of three other apps after Didi.

 1. China’s cybersecurity regulator orders Didi removed from app stores

Ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing received a fresh blow when China’s cyberspace regulator ordered its app removed from domestic app stores Sunday, two days after the company was placed under review.

2. Chinese astronauts perform first spacewalk outside space station

Chinese astronauts successfully performed a spacewalk (external source, in Chinese) outside the Tianhe core module of the Tiangong space station on Sunday, during which they tested a new generation of spacesuits, installed equipment, and checked the station’s robotic arm.

3. SMIC loses key member of its technical team

On Sunday, Chinese leading chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (external source, in Chinese) announced the resignation of a key member of its technical staff, Wu Jingang, who was vice president of research and development.

4. China-Myanmar border city in lockdown after Covid-19 infections

The Chinese border city of Ruili in southwestern Yunnan province launched (external source, in Chinese) a new round of mass testing and went into lockdown on Monday, after reporting three local Covid-19 cases on Sunday.


Beaches in Qingdao have turned green after an algae bloom hit the shoreline. Photo: VCG

5. Shandong province fights algae invasion

Beaches in Qingdao have turned green after an algae bloom hit the shoreline of the city in East China’s Shandong province, making it the 15th consecutive year for the city to face algae invasion. According to the North Sea Forecast Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the current scale of the algae has hit a historical high.

6. Xi to give keynote speech at political parties summit

President Xi Jinping will deliver a keynote speech Tuesday via video link at the Communist Party of China and World Political Parties Summit, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

7. After Didi, two more freshly listed companies fall under probe

Three more Chinese apps are being investigated for security risks days after Chinese authorities announced a similar probe of newly listed ride-hailing giant Didi. The three apps are online recruitment platform, and two logistics apps Yunmanman and Huochebang.

8. Henan proposes longer maternity leave

The Central Chinese province of Henan intends to (external source, in Chinese) increase maternity leave from 90 days to 98 days and provide an extra 15 days off for women who’ve gone through difficult births and/or multiple births.

9. Putin signs revised Russian national security strategy

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved (external source, in Chinese) a revised version of Russia’s National Security Strategy, which mentions the development of cooperation with China and India as one of the main directions of the country’s diplomacy.

10. Japan uncovers radioactive hybrid pigs

A new Japanese hybrid swine species was discovered (external source, in Chinese) in Fukushima prefecture with 300 times the safe level of the radioactive element cesium-137, according to Journal of the Royal Society.

Translated by intern reporter Chen Bingyi

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